Monday, October 28, 2013

40 weeks!

I can hardly believe the big "D Day" is here!!!! It went by so slow, yet so fast.  How? Idaknow. 

I am beyond ready, but truth be told, I could be pregnant for another two weeks!!! Especially since my due date is based off  ultrasound, not my last period.  Because I was nursing I had one cycle, then didn't get another one.  Based on my cycle it would have been Oct 7 due date, but obviously that passed!

I'm worried about the doctors trying to push me to induce.  That would really put a damper in my natural birth dreams.  The doctor I love said as long as all is well we can go to 42 weeks.  

Yesterday I thought it was it.  I woke up at 5:58 am by a strong contraction (that never happens).  They came 15 mins apart for over an hour.  I decided to get up and shower for church and they went away.  Then they came back.  At church I had a few good ones, got up to walk the halls and they stopped.  What a bummer.  My friend that is a nurse said the barometer pressure is dropping today a lot and they expect a lot of babies being born tonight.  So this morning I called the hospital and asked who the on call doctor for Kaiser is and she told me it's the Dr. I reeeeaaaaallllyyyyyy DON'T WANT. 

I told the baby to stay put today ;) 

I never mentioned why I don't want this dr did I?  Well, a couple weeks ago I had an apt with him, and I had requested a Group B Strep test because they were already planning on giving me antibiotics based on a urine sample at 9 weeks.  I treated it naturally and wanted a real test.  The nurse emailed that would be fine.   I get there, get undressed (blah) sit in the cold room with the tiny paper sheets on trying to hide my bum and he comes in.  He doesn't even mention the test.  He started lecturing me on my weight gain and telling me my baby has a higher risk of diabetes and so on.  He also asked if I was contracting and started to tell me my baby was big (no ultrasound or anything).  This was 38 weeks, he said I measured 40 weeks and I could tell he was going to suggest an induction soon to avoid a "Big baby".  Well I nipped that in the bud by telling him I've gained more with my other sons and they were all a healthy 7 pound range.  Even my 9 day late baby.  

Then he goes to check me, which I was undressed for the GBS test, and I told him to please be careful that with Reece the doctor accidentally broke my water.  He said, "Well I tend to be rough.  Not gonna promise it won't happen." as he begins checking me!  Rude. 

Still 1cm, and the week before a different dr said I was very soft and %80 effaced.  This dr said I was maybe %20 effaced and my uterus was posterior and began discussing the size of the baby again.  Now I'm annoyed. Ask him about the GBS test and he refuses to do it.  He said it doesn't matter if it said negative now because I had it at 9 weeks I AM getting antibiotics. Like he owned me! 

 Ok, I get over that quick, then I tell him I hope to have a natural birth.  

He began telling me all the reasons that would hinder me from having an unmedicated birth.  "The best way for you to have a natural birth is to stay home for a long time but YOU can't do that. You have GBS and we need to give you antibiotics at least 4 hours before the baby is born."  Then he said if my water breaks I'm not allowed out of bed, even to pee...I can't walk around period, and these words actually came out of his mouth: "I can't have you in labor for two days.  It's a hospital not a resort.  We want you in and out. You're taking up someone else's bed."  UNBELIEVABLE! I've never encountered a dr like this! I was almost in tears! I wouldn't be in labor two days anyways...this is my 4th baby and they have all been rather quick.  He was suggesting I can't labor with out pitocin.  

When I told my husband he was so upset.  He wished he was there.  He said, "It's not a resort, it's a factory!" 

So now you know why I don't want him to deliver my baby ;) and he will be there another 18 hours from now.  

Oh a happier note, I am so excited to see my baby's sweet face! I can't wait to kiss him and hug him.  I pray everything goes smoothly.  I'm also so ready to start losing weight again.  I have been eating way too much chocolate and eggnog.  

Ok, maybe the last post before baby?? 


DeAna Warthan said...

I had fun reading this and I will pray you don't go into labor on his shift : )

The Skinny on Staci said...

I had GBS with my last 3. I did some research, and my midwife even told me that even if you test negative with like a 3rd baby, once you've had it they like to treat to be safe. I even read that you can be negative one day and positive the next and vice versa. So unless you actually get tested on the day of labor, it may not be accurate. Now I'm no doctor and these are just things I read, other than my midwife confirming they like to give antibiotics with any pregnancies once you've had it. I have a nephew born back before they tested for GBS. My sister-in-law spiked a fever during his delivery. He got the GBS from her and was in the NICU very seriously ill for 10 days. :( So that's my experience with GBS stuff. That doctor definitely sounds RUDE, and I really think you owe it to other patients to talk to the office manager about his behavior. Seriously. That needs to be dealt with! I hope to goodness your little man stays put! And really, what good does it do to lecture a pg woman about her weight gain AT 38 WEEKS??? You should've told him that to HIM you may be just another # in his day but to YOU and YOUR FAMILY you are a HUMAN BEING, a real live person. What. A. Jerk! I would get induced if it ensured that I wouldn't have to have that jerk as my dr! I delivered 2 of mine naturally while on Pitocin and didn't have any pain meds at all. It can be done. (((hugs))) I hope it all goes just how you hope for, but if not just bring on the baby! :)

Lauryn Roth said...

What a HORRIBLE MAN!!! How completeley awful!!! I am sooo sorry for you honey!!! Oh my husband would have been LIVID. I havent even had a kid yet but people like that scare me!!!! I am SO so sorry you had to go through that, I will pray you have the best doctor ever and a nice quick and healthy delivery. A RESORT. HAHA SNORT. Tell him, if this is a resort, what does that make him? The head of housekeeping? hahahhaha. Good luck honey!!!