Thursday, October 31, 2013

Still Pregnant?!! YES!

YES I am still pregnant.  Even though I'm only 3 days "over due" I feel like I'm 2 weeks over due.  I am SOOOOO uncomfortable.  When I get out of bed to pee or get up for the day I can't walk for a few seconds because my round ligament is so tight.  I wish I would have bought and worn a belly band or wrap thing for support!

My husband had today off.  You all know we breed our labs right? Belle our oldest is in heat, and she needed to be taken to the breeders TODAY.  What timing right?

I was very nervous about him going because it's a 3 hour drive one way! But if we didn't take her today we would miss this heat, and we'd have to wait 6 months. I woke up with my husband at 5am and made him breakfast and packed a lunch for him. I went back to bed, and intended on waking up at 7 to take Shane to school but I didn't wake up until the boys did at 8am! Ack! I felt terrible! I would've rushed him off to school but was feeling very yucky and nauseous.  Poor Shane missed school because I didn't feel well.

 Luckily my husband is on his way home now and all seems to be ok ;) I've been getting contractions all morning/afternoon but they go away when I get up to clean or walk around.  So frustrating! Remember my dream birth? Well I am suppose to go into labor today!!! Come on baby! ;) Also, my mom isn't here so who would take the boys trick or treating?

My Mom was going to come yesterday but after my Tuesday appointment where I found out I'm only 1cm w a pretty hard cervix I decided to have her wait.  What a bummer that was! 3 weeks ago I was 1cm %80 effaced! Apparently it can go backwards...what the heck.   OH AND omgosh...I gained SIX pounds last week! How?? I have hardly any room in my tummy! I barely eat, my appetite is so odd! Seriously I don't even crave food. Except Eggnog. And Chocolate.  Oh and that In & Out Burger I had yesterday.....Ok whatever....

I love Dr. Hikakah though, (the only dr I like!).  He was like, "Hmmm have you started swelling a lot in the last few days?"  He didn't even mention my weight but I know he was like, whoa....6 lbs.... then he checked my ankles and said, "Wow no swelling! Well good!"  That means I gained 6 lbs of FAT!?? Oh geeze.   I am so ready to lose this weight.  Loving my weight loss journal I made. I am motivated!!!! I went to the chiro yesterday and then to Target and walked.  Day before I walked Costco and Target.  Come on baby!

Dr. Hikakah said he knew I didn't want an induction but he really didn't want me going passed 41 weeks 4 days.  I told him to schedule me for Nov 7 when he is working, 40 weeks 3 days. BUT he said I can always push it back and he is okay with my decision (so nice not to be pushed!).

Which I will push it back unless the baby needs to be induced. I have non stress tests scheduled until then to monitor the baby.  So far baby looks great though Praise The Lord!

 I really don't want to be induced at all.  But honestly I can't bare the thought of being pregnant another week from today! Going anywhere is like, "You're STILL pregnant!". Ya know?
 Not getting sleep, limping, no motivation to do anything...OKAY enough complaining! I am BLESSED!!!!! I have friends that have trouble carrying their babies to term! I am so lucky! I just can NOT wait to hold him and see his face :)

Say a prayer this baby comes soon! I know he will come in God's time!

Evening primrose oil and Red Raspberry anyone? :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Sandy said...

We just celebrated the first birthday of my baby girl who was ONE WEEK late! After her big brothers came so early, I thought for sure she would too...but NOOOOOO. Longest.week.ever. Hang in there!

Kelly said...

He's a smart baby - he likes it in there! He's all nice & comfy. He'll be here soon enough, don't you worry mama. :-)