Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Super Easy Freezer Meals

Again!! Been almost a week!!! Gah. Yesterday I felt very icky. Then suddenly had a major nesting spurt. 

I prepared 12 freezer meals (6 more cooking today to make 18! I had to bake a whole chicken for these).

I cleaned the kitchen. Rearranged a messy cupboard. Did lots of laundry. Vacuumed the whole house. Baked a pie. And wrote our birth plan. 

I've also been working on Birth Cards to read and prepare and to have Davey or my doula read to me in labor. 

I have several verses written on the cards, as well as relaxation techniques like: "Drop your head into the pillow, don't hold it up with your neck muscles." 

Also "emotional signposts" from the Bradley method (great book!). The book says, you can tell where a woman is in labor based on her behavior. For instance:
 1st signpost is Excitement. Smiles, talking, packing. This is early labor. 

2nd Signpost is Seriousness. Not talking much, concentrating, no more smiles. About the time to go to hospital. 

3rd Signpost is self doubt. Baby will be here soon! THIS IS WHERE I WAS WITH REECE!! Wish I would have read this book!! The author says, these emotional behaviors show more accurately where a women is than checking dilation. She says, if a women is in Self Doubt, and is having contractions 60-90 seconds long at least two mins apart (mine were 70-90sec every 60 seconds w Reece), the baby will be crowning very soon. She specifically said if a lady is at 4cm and in Self Doubt (I was stuck at 4) it doesn't matter. You can go from 4-10 very quickly!! Which I did once I got the epidural lol. I just had to STOP tensing and stop fighting the contractions. 

I'm not sure how I feel about labor being right around the corner. I'm scared. I'm anxious. I'm excited. I am SO ready to not be pregnant. So uncomfortable. 

I'm also sad!!! Sounds crazy but it's like when you prepare for a huge event and suddenly it's over. Although I know it's not's just the beginning!!!! I feel like I need a goal or something to work towards right away to keep me from being blue. Of course losing weight, but also.... Like a race....uh oh....I may on impulse buy a race spot. ;) Jk 

I'm SO excited to see my baby. What is he gonna look like? How big will be be? Hair color? Prayerfully %100 healthy!!! :)

Due date is in 12 days! AND.......don don don. I'm going to update my weight tracker -----> gah.

I've gained 46lbs!!! I'm ok with it though. My weight tracker will say I've gained more because I lost 9 lbs being sick, but i don't count those ;-)

Anyways. About the freezer meals! I made 6 (so far) and doubled them =12. I plan to use one for before baby one for after and keep making some until the baby is born. Somehow it saves us money to do this!! I think I should always do this! 

Super Easy Freezer Meals 

Doubled each: 
Sweet & sour chicken w carrots (crockpot) will serve w rice. 

Teriyaki chicken w pineapple for sandwiches (also crockpot) 

Garlic & Herb chicken w carrots & green beans will serve w rice (crock pot) 

Those three chicken ones are just raw chicken w veggies & marinade. SO EASY. 

Italian sausage w broccoli & sauce already cooked just need to heat and serve w noodles

Chicken & dumplings already made just warm in crockpot (an easy favorite: three cans cream if chicken/mushroom, milk, frozen veggies, chicken, and cut up tortillas all in crockpot! Yum. 

Chicken burritos- black beans, chicken, corn, cheese and Mexican rice. Already all cooked just need to warm. 

And breakfast burritos- eggs, sausage and cheese. 

Also making crockpot chicken fajitas, and chicken casserole :-) 

I spent about $250 on groceries..that includes items I didn't use for the meals as well and we got MORE meals than usual! 

I bought the huge bag of frozen chicken from Costco for $20 which made 9 meals! Also bought a package of tortillas at Costco $4 and you get plenty. Cheddar cheese block from Costco $4, ground sausage from Costco $6, spicy sausage links from Costco for $7, Marinara sauce from Costco (was on sale) $6 for two huge ones. I also used organic carrots from Costco (huge bag lasts forever! $6-7 I think). 

The canned soup and sauces I bought at Winco (a cheap store here, like an Auldis). 

Now I KNOW the sauces and soups aren't from scratch, but I'm 9 months pregnant. Give me some slack :-) 

Although I did just make a berry pie from scratch, including the crust. Yum. 

Ok maybe next time I post ill have a baby :-) follow on Facebook or Twitter for updates! 

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Love that big ole belly!!!! So one blog I follow just named her baby Rhett. Actually, Everhett, calling him Rhett for short. Just throwing out a new name cause I know you were at least up in the air about this baby's name. You'll get it nailed down. :)