Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Goodness me! I can't believe I haven't posted in a week!  I mean to everyday but I'm downing in things to do before the baby comes. 

Not fun things either. like, file all paperwork, sort coupons, iron, laundry (lots. As usually), organize our junk drawer (seriously can't even open). Go grocery shopping. 
Oh and make and freeze two weeks worth if food!! Yikes way to wait to the last minuet Adrienne. 

Then there's the fun things. Finish baby shopping, put together diaper bag, pack hospital bag, finish organizing and decorating baby room, make a birth plan (just to have!), finish reading my books on birth, and finish crocheting the baby blanket!! 

We had our shower last Saturday. What a blessing!!! Got lots of stuff, including a carseat (thanks to my awesome sis in law!!) and a double stroller (thank you mom!!) and lots of clothes and diapers!! (Thank you MIL, Grandma & other sis in law!!) got lots of baby books too as we asked for and an adorable pirate lamp for the babies room. And other things I'm forgetting ;-) My mom did the decorations and I love them!!! Hanging in his room. Pics soon I promise!! 

Here are some photos from the shower (it was sailor theme!) :) My awesome Aunt made the cake!!! And my great aunt had it at her house. So thankful everyone came together for my wee little one. 

I had a prenatal appointment last night. Not good: I've gained 40 pounds. (Could be worse...I'm not too worried). 

Good news: blood pressure is awesome. No swollen body parts.  And I'm 1cm & %80 effaced!! 

I was NOT planning on getting checked this pregnancy at all. He actually came in and said "you didn't have to listen to the nurse when she said put on the gown, I know you don't want to be checked." But curiosity got me. 

He was very surprised my cervix was so soft already (still have 19 days to go). He said the effacment is what matters and not dilation...(I did not know that!). Today I've been getting lots of contractions.  I'm pretty sure baby will be on time or late, but I did got kinda freaked out because I'm not totally ready yet!!! 

So after my apt I went to target and bought newborn diapers and some major necessities. 

Stuff is getting REAL! 

Oh and OUCH...I pulled my round ligament and I can barely walk!! That plus my sciatica is really making me limp around . Seeing chiro tomorrow. 

Ok gotta go file papers. Yay. 


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DeAna Warthan said...

Hi Adrienne,
Looks like your shower was fun...continuing to pray for you and baby...
I'm here cause I'm grabbing your button to put on my blog : ) yay : )

ok Tootles : )