Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Have you ever had a virus or bug go through your WHOLE house? Ugh it's the worst!!!!! I am recovering from the stomach flu. Being sick w a newborn is awful.  I HATE the stomach flu! Seems like we get it at least once a year.  After the first boy threw up, I was using my essential oils.  I was taking Airborne.  I was taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Disinfecting everything.. But after two boys getting it, indeed I got it.  My 2yo did drink out of my cup right before he threw up, then I drank out of it not knowing he was going to be sick..

I was so depressed today.  Being home w 4 boys all alone while being sick. Not fun! But we made it. 

In all honesty.... we have not been eating that good.  Serious lack of vegetables and fruits.  Since Will was born we've had a lot of Pizza, muffins, convenient foods, and processed foods.  I know.  Shake my head. 

My husband has been getting more headaches, I have not been feeling my best, and I feel so bad for my boys that I haven't been giving them what they need. I know. I just had a baby 16 days ago. 
But I am so ready to get back on the cooking from scratch and eating real food wagon!! Also super ready to start losing weight again. 

I've been vegging out watching "Extreme Weight Loss" with Christ Powell on Hulu :) It's great motivation!!! I've started logging into My Fitness Pal, and even though my food isn't spot on, logging it helps a lot. 

I was really thinking of all the people I know with chronic illnesses.  Cancer and MS.  People that have to endure chemo!!! I so feel for them.  My heart hurts for them. And I was whining over the stomach flu. 

Whenever I get sick I say, "God why!!! Why me!!!!" as I cry.  Serious.  Sometimes I may even get a little angry.  But then I think, well, did GOD make me sick? No.  Did He allow it? Yes.  Some people believe God gives us sickness as a trial.  But I don't know.  In my heart, I think He didn't make us sick, it wasn't His will for ANYONE to ever be sick.  But because of the fall of Adam and Eve there is sickness and pain and death.  But because He is a good God, He gave us healthy foods to eat and plants and herbs to use as medicine.  So when I get sick because I've been eating crud, is it God's fault? Or mine? Did I take care of my body as the temple of God?

I know I'm being dramatic here, but it honestly got me thinking.  What if I continued to eat like this and I got very sick, with a serious disease?? We all know our diets effect our health, and a poor diet can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more (I am not saying everyone with cancer and sickness got it because they had a poor diet...not true I know!!).

Maybe God allowed me to get this little bug to warn me to take better care of myself and my family.  

Or maybe not. LOL. Maybe I would have gotten sick no matter what.  But it did make me think of all this and motivate me to take better care of us all. 

Ok I'm done with my super hormones gone wild, emotional, sad face post.  :) G Nite.

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The Skinny on Staci said...

ROFLOL. I love your last sentence because by the end I was honestly thinking... HORMONES. :) Not poking fun at you in any way, though. I do believe we are healthier or not healthier in a lot of ways based on our eating. I have been making Trim Healthy Mama recipes this week and really liking them. However, I've not yet implemented them fully. I'm still eating junk foods. I feel bloated and yuck from it. I go to bed at night KNOWING that cancer cells feed of of sugar. I think about it, but so far it hasn't stopped me. I keep praying out to God at night to help me. I know that *I* have to be the one to finally do something about it, but I can't do it without God's help and strength! Oh, and yes...when Tucker was just in diapers, all of us got a horrible diarrhea stomach bug. It last... are you ready?.... THREE WEEKS. Every time one of us would get better, another would re-catch it. It was so horrible and I began to think it would never end. :(