Wednesday, November 6, 2013

William Noah's Birth Story

I am still so amazed that Will is here.  I am so happy and thankful! I know I could still be pregnant right now, but instead I'm holding my precious 3 day old while he breast feeds and I type this. 

I am so thankful for how Will's birth went!! It was truly amazing, and everything I prayed for!! It was the HARDEST thing I've ever done.  Yet so very amazing. 

Here is my natural, hospital birth story.  

I'll start with Saturday night. We were going on 6 days "late".  I walked for a couple hours earlier that day. I was feeling crampy, nauseous, and sweaty. I had a feeling it was soon. So once again, I started cleaning just in case. We put the boys to bed, then sat down to watch The Biggest Loser. During the show my husband massaged the pressure points on my ankles that are suppose to help induce labor.  I didn't think they helped and we went to bed. I woke up around 1am to pee and no labor signs. I woke up again probably around 3, still nothing.  Then I got up at 5:10 am to pee, thought "Well there goes another night and no baby! Almost time to get up for church." 

I sat down and peeped, then felt my water break!!! I was so shocked! I immediately got scared and panicked. You all know I desperately didn't want my water to break first.  I stood up and water gushed everywhere and I yelled for my husband! He jumped outta bed and was dazed and confused lol.  I immediately called my mom. Then I called my doula. She asked if contractions had started and I told her yes so she headed right over.  She, and we, thought it was going to be fast.  I sat on the toilet while I called and texted people, trying to arrange where our boys would go. 

My husband got dressed and got everything ready. He packed our boys clothes and bags.  I went and laid in bed and updated Facebook and Instagram.  Contractions were about 4 mins apart. My husband drew me a bath. Ellen (my doula) got there about 40 mins after I called her (she was So Fast!) :) 
When Ellen got there she called the hospital and found out the bad news that the one doctor, the mean doctor, was working!! Noooooo!!!! 

My husband took the boys to my friends and made a Starbucks run. When he got back I got in the bath and contractions slowed down to about 10-12 minuets apart.  So I got out and walked around. We talked and watched a movie.  I relaxed through the contractions and felt like I was managing them well, but also was anxious to speed things up. This was also VERY new to me...usually once my water breaks it becomes intense very quickly! I enjoyed the long breaks through contractions but also felt anxious about not being in labor with a broken bag too long especially because I needed antibiotics.  Ellen would give me a massage through contractions, and my husband would tell me to relax my body, and let the contraction work.  Each contraction brought me fear of what was to come, but my husband did a good job at reminding me "just focus on one at a time" which really helped.

Davey and I laid down for about an hour and I rested between contractions. They started to come stronger and more regular.  My sweet friend that picked up Reece from our other friends brought us a pizza for lunch. I hugged Reece and told him the baby was coming but he wasn't interested ;) 

We ate lunch then contractions picked up to 7 mins apart. My mom and sister were getting very anxious for me to go to the hospital! They kept texting me to "GO"! But I knew I would know when it was time.  I decided I better take a shower before we go, and asked my husband to sit on the ball outside the shower in case I needed him.   Before I got in the shower I sat on the toilet to pee and WHOA a big contraction came.  I knew it was from sitting on the toilet, so I sat there a while and they started coming every 3 mins, and STRONG.  I was definitely moaning through these and Davey knew it was getting close.  I quickly got in the shower where the contractions came every 1.5-2mins apart. They were really hurting now.  Ellen didn't even know what was going on at this point so I told Davey to tell her to get ready to go, that we had to leave NOW.  I stayed in the shower for several contractions, the water was very soothing on my stomach.  I didn't want to leave but knew we had to.  I could feel the baby moving down.  I got dressed as best I could and we left.  I had to stop out front and hang on Davey while another contraction came.  I started to cry because I was getting scared yet excited, and nervous and all these floods of emotions.  The car ride was quick.  I text my family we were on our way to the hospital.  

The STUPID hospital parking lot was being re-done so we had to park kinda far.  I didn't want to be dropped off, I wanted to walk, so Davey and I started walking in and I got like 4 massive contractions in a row in the parking lot.  I had to just hang on Davey and moaned quite loudly through them.  Ellen beat us into the hospital, and they made Davey stay back to go through security while I got checked in. 

We got in quickly and the lady doing our paper work was fast.  I had a few more big contractions while sitting in the chair signing papers.  That was fun.  She could tell I was close I think so she really rushed, and got us into triage.  I could no longer talk, I was leaning on the counter in triage being very vocal and crying.  Davey was holding me answering all their millions of questions.  They wouldn't let Ellen into triage which was a bummer, but they were pretty quick.  The nurse at the desk said to Ellen, "Her water broke at 5 this morning and you all didn't feel the need to come in until now?!" In a snotty tone.  Ellen said, "Nope!"  ;) 

I was so dreading being touched.  I was so hot and felt like I was going to throw up.  The nurse checked me right away and at first she didn't say anything so I thought I was only a 3 or 4.  I finally asked and said, "What am I?" She said, "You're an 8."  WHATTT! I was shocked! I didn't know my body could go to an 8 with out an epidural! I was so happy, and so was Davey.  And so was Ellen once we text her! I was truly scared of what I would have done if I was only a 4 and in that much pain.  When I found out I was an 8, I KNEW I was doing this.  

The nurse asked if I wanted pain medication and I immediately said, "No".  She told me she was gonna get my IV then get me in a room.  I asked for a room with a shower, and she said they only had one but she would ask if it was free.  It WAS! Praise the Lord Almighty! :) She got my IV started and wheeled us back right away.  I couldn't stand being in bed! Sitting or laying it was awful.  Any position was awful but those were the most painful.  My husband or Ellen told my Labor and Deliver nurses I wanted to get in the shower and they said ok as soon as I had the antibiotics.  Which really really burned by the way.  

Anyways this whole time I'm getting contractions that are becoming more and more intolerable.  They monitored the baby while I was laying down getting the antibiotics and he looked good.  Once the IV was done I was about to rip off all my clothes and the monitor and get in the shower when the doctor comes in.  He asked the nurses where I was at and wanted to check me himself.  Ugh. Ok back on my back, he said, "You're still a 7-8". When the nurse in triage said I was actually a little over an 8.  The mean doctor is just so negative.  The nurse told him I wanted in the shower and he said he didn't want me out of bed.  Then took about 10 minuets to tell my husband all the things that could go wrong if I was off the monitors.  He actually said, "You're baby could die....." and "We would be liable...." I wanted to punch him in the throat.   

But actually his tactics were tiring me out and I was ready to say "ok whatever just get out of here!', when Ellen and Davey discussed us signing a paper releasing liability.  Wowsers.  Yup, the nurse basically wrote notes on an "against medical advice" form saying I was getting in the shower.  So all this took like 15 minuets and I was dying sitting in the bed.  The doctor said, "If you sign that I am going to be very hands off."  Um Thank you! Then he left.  

I got in the shower and had a tiny bit of relief from the hot water on my stomach.  I hung on Davey during contractions or put the water right on my stomach while swaying back and forth.  I asked Ellen to run and get our birth ball, and she grabbed hers out of her car since it was closer.  As soon as she got it I went on my hands and knees in the shower and rested my upper body on the ball.  Davey sprayed my lower back with hot water and during these AWFUL contractions I tried to focus on breathing, which did help a little.  I was so hot and so thirsty Ellen was amazing, she kept bringing me ice water, cool rags, and fanning me while Davey held me or sprayed my back and comforted me.  

I started to feel pushy so the nurse wanted to check me.  I got in bed and she said I was a 9.  She wanted to see if she could stretch me to a 10 during the next contraction, which she couldn't.  So I knew what I had to do.  I had to sit on the toilet.  I'm telling you...the toilet REALLY works.  You're body just naturally releases everything and I definitely felt baby move all the way down.  I got up and into the shower for a few more contractions on my knees, until my body started pushing and I couldn't help it.  We hurried to the bed where she checked me again and I was a 10, fully effaced and baby at 0 station! It was pushing time! 

I so looked forward to pushing because I always read it was relief, but they lied.  LOL. It was NOT relief for me it was agony! Not to scare anyone....;)  The doctor came in and geared up.  I started to push, and he stood in the back of the room with his arms crossed.  No joke.  The nurse was telling me to hold my breath and push and I kept saying, "No! It hurts! Wait!".  She kept saying, "Yeah it's gonna hurt! You gotta push!" which wasn't very encouraging.  LOL. She should have said, "You're almost done!".  I felt like I wasn't making any progress with the first few pushes because I was scared and didn't accept the pain yet.  Finally the doctor came over and the nurse said, give me a big push! Don't stop! Hold your breath!" I was getting so confused with how to breath I gave up and did what was natural.....SCREAMED.  They kept telling me not to scream with the pushes but it helped me so much I kept doing it.  

I heard them say the baby was so close, give another big push.  So I did and out came his head! I was so tired and it HURT SO BAD {ring of fire?? More like bomb of fire where it feels like your insides are exploding...}. I remember at this point I thought, "Ok I'm gonna take a break..." yeah right! It was burning! I finally realized there was only one way to get relief...So I gave a huge push and screamed so loud and out came the rest of his body, and they put him on my chest.  BEST. FEELING. IN. THE. WORLD.  

I did it.  I'm amazing.  JK JK but seriously it was so amazing!!!  The cord was wrapped around Will's neck and the dr unwrapped it.  He didn't cry right away but was moving and making noises.  I was crying and shaking and couldn't believe it! My baby!!! It was so worth every minuet of pain I felt.  I felt like I could do anything after that!!! But I did say, "I don't ever want to do that again."  :) I still mean it.. as of right now. LOL.   The doctor began cleaning me and checking me and I kept telling him to stop touching me, ha! He announced that I didn't tear at all {BRAVO me!} and I felt like saying, "ha! I knew I could do it Dr. Butthead!" {He was the one telling me my baby was going to be big and I may need this or that intervention.}.  

He listened to our wishes and didn't cut the cord until it stopped pulsing.  Then he started digging around for the placenta and I said, "Stop it! Can't you wait till it comes out on it's own?" He said it already detached and to push, and ugh....I gotta push again! One big push and it was out.  NOW I was done.  And so thankful.  And on top of the world. 

We got checked in at the hospital at 1:45pm, and Will was born at 3:23pm! My water broke at 5:10am, and active labor began around 12:30pm, so only 3 hours of active labor! 

My Mom came in the room just maybe 7 minuets after I delivered Will.  She barely missed it! 
 Will was perfect.  APGAR 8-9, beautiful pink color, strong cries, and as soon as he felt my skin he began looking to nurse.  And MAN has he been a fantastic nurser!!! I seriously can't tell you the difference between how easy breastfeeding has been this time.  He just knew what to do.  My milk came in on day two, he had huge poops and pees in the hospital, and even spit up colostrum so I knew he was getting a lot.  I'm so thankful.   

Will weighed 8lbs 9oz and was 21.5 inches long.  My biggest baby by almost a pound! Thank you protein and Eggnog. 

It was honestly the hardest thing I've ever done.  But also, wow, the most amazing.  My husband cried, and he was so proud of me.   The nurse later told me I only pushed for 5 minuets, but I'm sure it was more like 10.  God is so good to have helped me.  When I think of the difference of this birth and Reece's, I know it was laboring at home, walking into the hospital, sitting on the toilet, actually relaxing all my muscles, having a doula, and of course my husband and I being more prepared. And most of all Jesus for answering all our prayers!! All those really made a huge difference.  With Reece I was in the hospital so early, I didn't feel safe, I felt scared, and I did NOT move once they big contractions came.   I really hope I didn't scare anyone from having a natural birth! I'm a wimp, so if I can, you  can.  And it's so amazing and so worth it.  I am just so thankful and over the moon in love with our 4th boy.  Life is complete. :)   
A big thank you to Ellen!!! Check out her website! She has brought us food, baby sat our boys, bought them gifts, seriously gone way above a doula's duties :)


Lauryn Roth said...

He is sooo adorable!!! Girl you made me chuckle when you were talking about how they told you not to scream but you did anyway because it helped! LOL Mr Mean doctor needed to suffer through a few of those screams! I still cant believe how RUDE he is but I am sooooo happy you got that awesome birth!! God is good!! But I must admit you scared me a bit haha!!

Doula Ellen Morris said...

What a beautiful birth story Adrienne. You were super woman! We all knew you could do it and you did! Davey was amazing as labor support too. And you have a very beautiful baby! I am so grateful to have been a part of the prenatal and birth process. I am hoping the hospital changes soon to become more laboring mother friendly! See you soon.

Lisa said...

Congrats! He is so adorable! Kudos to you for sticking to your guns & going natural!
My niece just had her son 3 months ago at home with just her fiancee and her midwife and she said it was the most amazing thing ever!

Rebecca Rae Adkins said...

This such a beautiful story about your birth experience. I felt like I was there when I was reading about it. So proud of you and Davey.

Much love to you, Davey and your boys.

Laura said...

I was laughing and crying the whole way through this. You are amazing momma!! I'm hoping that someday the Dr that treated you so horribly will come across this blog, and like a deer in headlights, realize it was him you're writing about.

Sara said...

Congratulations! I was so excited to read this blog when I woke up this morning! Perfect story with morning tea. Now I am back to leave the comment I forgot to write earlier...I know how hard it is to build commenting readers!



The Skinny on Staci said...

I love that first pic so much! I'm just so glad to read that you screamed. That's what I did! Lol I remember saying, "I feel like I need to scream!" So the nurse said to go ahead. I don't quite think they were ready for the scream I gave. Hahaha It was during that time that I put my husband in a headlock. ROFL I remember how AWESOME it felt for my baby's head to come out. I also oddly found getting the placenta out felt pretty good. I'm so happy that you were able to deal with Dr. Butthead and have things YOUR way. :) ((((hugs)))) and HUGE congrats!

Valerie said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful story (except for the butthead doctor - urg!). I am so very happy for you!!