Monday, February 3, 2014

Apple Pie Oatmeal

I made this Apple Pie Oatmeal this morning and my picky eater ate it up! That's a win :) easy and nutritious. 

Apple Pie Oatmeal 
(Makes 4 Cups cooked) 
2 cups Old Fashion Oats
1.5 Cups water 
1 Cup Milk 
Plenty of dashes of Cinnamon :)
A tsp of Vanilla 
1.5 peeled and chopped apples 
1 Tbsp Butter 

Slightly cook apples in butter and a few dashes of cinnamon until soft

Pour all ingredients and soft apples in a pot, add more cinnamon. 

Cook on medium heat until oats are done. 

Apple pie oatmeal 
1 Cup 
6 Weight Watchers Points plus 
243 Calories
7 g fat
38 Carbs
9 g sugar 
7 G protein  

Hope you try it and like it! It's gonna be a new favorite for us :) 

1 comment:

Staci Moize said...

I am gonna try this soon! This would be a THM E meal. Yayyy. Oh wait... I'd have to use 1 tsp or less of butter for it to be an E meal. I think I can make it work, though. :)