Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I forgot.

I'm sure you were all dying to know how my first weigh in went.  Well, I FORGOT to weigh in.  Seriously.  Saturday I woke up, went to the bathroom, then started cleaning right away for my son's 6th bday party.  About 40 people were here total! It was great!

When I finally realized I didn't weigh in I had already eaten some and didn't want to count a middle of the day after I ate weigh in. Ya know. 

Last week I was good all the way up until Thursday.  My mom came Wednesday night.  Then Thursday I made cupcakes for Shane's class (def did some tasting) then we went to take him to Toys R Us, where he begged Grandma for McDonalds for lunch.  Then we had pizza for dinner.  Oh boy.  I used up all my weekly points allowance. 

Yesterday I did good.  I didn't eat after 6:00pm.  I woke up at 4am this morning with a HORRIBLE headache.  I don't know if it was from the chiropractor last night, or not eating after 6 last night or sugar with drawls.  I ate very little sugar yesterday. 

I took a shower, used my oils, and took Tylenol and slept for another hour then felt better.  It's still lurking though...blah. 

Last week I walked twice.  I took advantage of my Mom being here and went Friday morning by myself.  It was so nice. 

There were two suspicious looking guys at the park behind my house where I do laps, so after walking by them once I decided to go around the whole block to avoid them.  I was armed with pepper spray don't worry. 

I'm on an emotional roller coaster about our move.  I feel excited, yet sad.  I'm sad most of all because Shane is sad he has to leave his school and friends.  He had a couple of best buddies that are so sweet, who I love their parents too btw. 

I know he will make new friends but, it's sad to see him cry.  I'm nervous I won't make any friends over there either.  In TN I really didn't make any friends, and my husband was so busy working that I kinda went into a lonely funk.  It wasn't fun.  Praying that doesn't happen again.  But I'm so thankful this move is still in CA and close to the beach :) I also want to NOT be concerned about myself and just be ready to serve at our new church and be a blessing to others. 

I WILL weigh in on Friday.
Lord willing I'll see a loss :)

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Staci Moize said...

What year did you say you were in Cleveland? With having a party to prepare for on your mind, I have no doubt that you forgot to weigh!! First things first! Lol I know it is scary moving. We've never had to move since having kids that are old enough to notice, but we ALMOST moved 3 years ago and it was really upsetting in some ways. I hope you make many friends in your new location!