Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm in it.

I've been on track this week. I'm motivated. I WANT IT. I've walked three times this week already! I'm kinda addicted to it. :) I can't wait till Davey gets home so I can slip out for 30 mins. We have a park literally right behind our house that has a 1/4 mile loop/trail and it's very nice. I CAN'T believe I haven't been walking there this whole time. And now we are moving in 23 days. Ugh. 

I've always said I was too scared to walk there alone. Well yes there's been some ghetto people but it's T-Ball season and there's been lots of people there every night. Plus i take my pepper spray :) I really enjoy walking by myself with me and my podcast. 

Davey gets home at 5:10 so I jam out right away and come back right before dark. 

I haven't been eating after 6-6:30 too and like I've said that really helps me.  Stay on track with Weight Watchers too.

I've been an emotional mess. I really love our house, and this last year I've made some great girl friends (finally!) and we've been meeting up at the park with the kids during this wonderful weather.  I've prayed for good friends for several years and last year when our boys played baseball another mom on the team and I just really hit it off. They had their 3rd boy right before we had our 4th.  We just click ya know? I haven't had that in a long time sadly.  And our hubby's get along great too. Now we are leaving them :( we have another mama friend we hang out with that I love too. She has 5 kids and we clicked right away and our boys love playing all together.  Anyways...just been bummed about it. 

I'm also excited to move and get settled in that area. It's so beautiful there!! I just really pray God will bring me a good friend, and provide the boys with best friends like they have here. Not that I want to care only about that, because I pray we can be a blessing at our new church too :) 

See? Emotions, everywhere. 

Tuesday took the boys to the park to walk...bad idea. So I finished up by myself when davey got home. 
Today. I'm really bad at "selfies".  It was cold okay? 


Lauryn Roth said...

haha you are too cute! the boys are so adorable!!! Glad you get that time to yourself to refresh. I have noticed not late night snacking is helping me too girl!! Yay for us haha

Staci Moize said...

I love getting time to myself out walking!!! Your selfies are cute. :)