Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Weekends

The weekends are NOT a free for all. Really. Why can't I get that?? I work hard all week then go "easy" on myself Fridays after I weigh in. Then Saturday I find myself thinking, "It's ok, 6 days till weigh in". Then Sunday and Monday I have to work hard just to lose whatever I gained over the weekend. Then I only have 3 days to lose weight. Grrr. 

I have to get a hold of this. This week I want to weigh in but.... STAY ON TRACK AFTER! Whoa what?! Yes. People do it. I will eat my weekly points Friday night but still stay on track. I'll see what will happen in a whole week of actually doing the program. 
Nervous...hope I can do it. 


Anonymous said...

You can totally do it!!! Cheering you on from across the country!

Staci Moize said...

I know when the burden of weekly weigh-in was lifted from me, I'd always go out and eat Chinese or pizza or something. LOL Fine, but, like you, the next day I still wouldn't get back at it. So then, before I knew it, I had done a good bit of damage. I understand what you're going through. You can do it! Just have someone hold you accountable maybe???

Anonymous said...

New follower here. Cannot wait to read about your journey. www.findingcrystal.com