Friday, February 21, 2014

Weigh in!!!

Lost 3.1 pounds this week! Whoot Whoot!!!! 
I'm so happy. I almost don't even want to eat my free meal in fear of gaining it back. Almost...;-) 
So that's 5.2 pounds loss is two weeks and 33.8 total. On my way baby. On my way!!! 
What's working: 

Walking. I walked three times this week. 

Logging all my points on the Weight Watchers app. I went over my points once this week but that's where my free points come in handy! 

Not eating after 6:00pm. 

Also...I've noticed that if I weigh in when I'm sore I will be the same weight!!! It's because sore muscles retain a bunch of water. So I didn't work out yesterday. 

And finally WATER. Lots of water. 

Also...ok so I weighed in everyday this week (bad I know) but I noticed something. Sometimes it takes a couple days for the scale to catch up. I mean you don't REALLY lose 2 lbs in one night. But my scale said I did from yesterday to today. It's just a bunch of different factors that takes it a while. That's why weighing every day is not a good idea!! So I promise I won't weigh every day this week. 

Only 5 more pounds till I reach my first goal. I want to be 10 pounds lighter before we move. I have 21 days to do that. I know I can. 

Although we are going to our hometown to visit family and drop off puppies next week. I really need to determine to track and walk while there. 

And repeat Adrienne.....SATURDAY is not a free day!!!!!! 

Mmkay. We'll chat again soon :) 


Lauryn Roth said...

yay u are doing so good!! i actually tried hard this week too and lost 4 lbs! i was so happy to get this ball rolling lol!

Staci Moize said...

Yay for the good loss!!! You can def stay on track on the weekend. I know you can! Be have! :) Lol

smac196 said...
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smac196 said...

Adrienne, I love reading your blog! Do you think you could post what you are eating on WW? I did WW for two months this past fall and lost 3 pounds total in 2 months (nothing!) I had 32pp and an extra 40-something a week. I think it had something to do with what I was eating. 5 pounds in two weeks is awesome!