Monday, February 3, 2014

Why I joined Weight Watchers {again}.

Sat FEB 1 weigh in: 215.8
I will weigh in every Friday morning and post it.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:00 am thanks to the baby.  I was on auto pilot and ate a homemade chocolate cookie I made the night before.  Whopps! It was Feb 1~!! My official "real-I'm-gonna-actually-try-to-lose-weight" start day.  Hmph.
I went back to bed for a little bit but was already mad at myself and self doubt was setting in.  Then I snapped out if it and told myself, "It was just a cookie! Get a grip!" I was laying there thinking, it'd be so nice if I had like "roll over calories" or "a savings account" for calories I could deduct that cookie from and it not totally effect my "budget".  Mentally that would help me not throw in the towel. Call me lame. Whatever.

Then I remembered that Weight Watchers actually does have that :) So I got up, made some coffee and signed up online.  I've always liked WW.  I've started it when I need a kick start, then stop doing it when I don't want to pay anymore (but continue to count calories).  They had a free sign up fee so I just paid $18 for the month.   Downloaded the app, and I've been faithful since.  I know, 2.5 whole days. Wow. 

I am focusing on eating as much real foods as possible, and eating less than 60g of sugar a day.  Which is harder than it seems.  But I got to get a grip on my sugar cravings! I eventually want to be sugar free or very low sugar (not counting fruits. Love my fruits. God's candy.) 

Since Will was born 3 months ago (TODAY he is 3 months! Can you believe it?!) I've been thinking and rethinking about what is right for me right now to lose weight.  I do believe a gluten free/sugar free way of eating is good for our family eventually. My husband is already doing that for the most part.  But when I thought about going Paleo, or cutting lots of foods out, I got overwhelmed.  Right now, Weight Watchers is good.  I can focus on losing weight.  Not freaking out whether something is grass-fed, cage free, or "Paleo" approved. KNOW this... I'm totally for Paleo.  I know many people that have been healed of major sicknesses from changing their diet to a Paleo diet.  I think it's amazing! Just not right for us right now.  But again, maybe eventually.  We love dairy and will never (hopefully) cut it out. Thankfully we don't need too :) I have food issues I need to work out.  I don't want to lose a bunch of weight and gain it back.  Hello.  Here I am again. 

 I went grocery shopping last week and didn't get hardly anything processed or canned so I am cooking everything from scratch (including cream cheese, sour cream, oatmeal, cream of chicken, ect). {woke up wondering why I thought THAT was a good idea, lol}

I think that's a good enough start for me.  So excited to lose weight again.  I walked Saturday for 46 mins with Will on my chest.  It was wonderful.  I plan to keep walking and working out.  I finally feel READY.  {For real.}

Here's the summary of this crazy, non-making-sense post:
Losing weight with Wegiht Watchers is good for my health.  It's working towards the main goal of losing weight, getting my portions where they should be, and getting healthy.  It's okay if everything isn't "Clean" or organic for now.  I want to eventually be there. But it ain't gonna happen overnight.  :)
The End


Jessica said...

Adrienne, You can do it!
When I read the beginning of your post about eating the cookie, I found myself saying, "No, don't do it!" Even before I had completely read your sentence. . . I knew what was coming. :)
Know as one mama - trying to eat and cook healthy, real food for herself and her family and find ways to exercise that work for our wonderful family chaos - to another that you can do this!
I am glad you are taking the steps that work for you and your family, even if they seem like baby steps in the food journey you see before you. Do what you can, give yourself grace, and know I am praying for you that you will be blessed and be a blessing in your endeavors.

Staci Moize said...

I really like WW. I think people can def lose weight with it, as long as they follow the plan. I don't follow ANY plans, everrrrr, so it doesn't work anymore for me! Ha! I think you are right for not cutting out food groups. God created all those things for us for a reason. You can look in the Bible and find He fed his people meat, grains, fruits, veggies, dairy, honey. It's all there! I guess it's the way we abuse those foods now. It's so cheap to buy a "cheese product," but more expensive to buy CHEESE. Just one example. Nothing wrong with going GF if that is what your body needs. You will get it all figured out. But like you said, you don't have to figure it ALL out today. You are heading in the right direction. :)