Friday, May 23, 2014

Weigh in - WW meetings

I joined WW meetings today. I realized...I've been paying $18 a month for online WW and haven't lost any weight. That made me sad, and MAD. I realized maybe I need more? Maybe I need someone to look me in the eye and tell me I CAN DO IT. 

So Monday I tried two different meetings. Didn't like either. Tried one today at my local WW, and liked it. So I signed up as meetings and online, and got weighed. UGHHHHH. Their scale is worse than a doctors scale. You know, it always says you weigh like 27.4 pounds more than your home one? Ok maybe not that much. But almost. 

I weighed today at 215.2 on their scale :(

Now I know I didn't gain 7 lbs from last Friday. So, oh well. Press on. Theirs is probably all accurate. Whatever.  

Gym this week, super busy week. Only went to three classes. Which made me sad...this week I'll be there more. 

Tuesday I did 5am STEP and 5pm Body pump. Today I did 12pm Body Pump. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weigh in 11-16-14

Quick post! Down 3 lbs! Yay! 
We had such a Funtime tonight! We surprised the boys with a Monster Truck Ralley for Cody's 5th bday! It was LOUD. And COLD. And if you're ever wondering where all the rednecks hang out... 
Lol jk ;-)
Went a bit over my points today but I'm not worried. 
Ca t wait for the gym next week! 

Becauae time is passing anyways, 
Might as well get to where I want to be. 

Pics from tonight :) 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I love the Gym!

I'm super excited about the gym classes! I just have this burning determination deep down in me this go round. It's HAPPENING. 

I think crazy thoughts in my head like, "I'm eventually gonna teach Spin here. Hmm, what songs will I use? I don't like rap or cussing songs. But it does have to be fast, doesn't it? Oh I know, 80's music. Yes that's what I'll use." 

For real.  

I thought it again tonight. I tried Body Pump for the first time and LOVED it. It was super hard, but it was sooo good. So many squats my legs are JELLO. 
I always hated weights because they were boring. But tonight's Body pump went by quick and there was good music, and I was like, "I'm gonna teach Body pump too. Yes, Body Pump and Spin. Oh and Step. Step is my favorite." 

Bahaha! My crazy thoughts. 
Seriously though, I've written before how I've always wanted to be an Aerobic instructor since I was a little girl. Wouldn't it be so fun?? All my friends were obsessed with Ace of Base and Cindy Lauper, and I was all like, "Denise Austin!!! I want to beeeee her!" 

Wow. I'm not quite sure what's gotten into me. I'm so spunky right now. 

Let me calm down. 

Right. So, weigh in tomorrow! I know it's only been 4 days but I like Fridays as my weigh ins. Will update tomorrow!!!! 

I leave you with my work out pics. Except for Monday's Zumba. No one wants to see that. And I definitely won't be teaching Zumba. 

Tuesday 5:45am Step done. Whew! 
Wednesday 9am cycle class..don't want to post the photo. It's just too hideous. 

After tonight's 5:30pm Body Pump. Ouch. Ps TRY taking a selfie with out people seeing you do it. It's hard. 
Ohhhh and. I had something to return to Old navy. So I got some work out tops. Neon of course. 

Ooohhhhhh annnnd Weight Watchers saw me tweet using the #weightwatchers hashtag and sent me a tweet saying they wanted to send me a surprise! So I emailed them my address and she responded right away and told me to keep up the good work and I'll be getting a gift in the mail! How exciting! 

Ok, finishing my water and gonna read a good book. 

Love, The Curvy Housewife 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Again. Again? {again}!!!!

Official day 1 weigh in: 

Never give up! 

The only way you fail, is if you stop trying. 

The only way I won't lose weight, is if I give up. 
Before you judge, just read :) 
Kim Bensen author of Finally Thin, started dozens of times trying to lose weight. Finally, she tried one more time, and it stuck. She lost over 200lbs, and has kept it off for 10 years. Wow. What if she said, "Forget it. I can't start again. What will people think of me." 

I'm not even sure HOW to explain what I feel right now. Excited, hopeful, refreshed, new. 
 Today I started again. I Resumed. I Picked myself back up. I've had some epiphanies. Is it different this time? Will it stick? Yes. I really believe so. Phil 4:6 
But I also get scared that maybe it's not. I didn't want to tell anyone that it's day 1 again. Again. But deep down I KNOW, I'm gonna do this. 

Having a blog is hard sometimes because you admit to anyone reading, that you either succeed or you fail. But you know what I finally realized?! WHO CARES! 

Wow, freedom. :) 

I recently came across a blogger that lost 100 pounds, then got pregnant and gained a lot of it back. I didn't think she was a loser. I thought she was awesome! She's Working on it AGAIN! 

We ALLLLLL will have multiple "Due overs". I'm not saying everyone will gain weight back, but we will have good days and bad days. Some bad months maybe. It's not a reason to get ashamed and quit.  So "again" really means, resume. It means, get back up. Continue on the journey. 
But, I do think everyone has a "beginning" and today is mine. 

Will just turned 6 months old. That's always a key time in my body for weight loss. He's eating some baby solid foods now. I can leave him with daddy for a while, and we are finally settled in to our new home. Also with recently trying Paleo, and just counting calories, I've found what works for me right now, and that's Weight Watchers, and the gym. I feel like I know what to do now. And I'm gonna do it. 

Last week I joined the Y. I'm really excited about it!!! I've been doing a lot of thinking about 2010-2011, how far I came, how fit I got, and how much I loved the gym. 

Today was my first gym workout in a long time. I tried Zumba. Haha. It was funny :) I thought I as doing good until I saw myself in the Mirror. Lol! 

Planning on step class tomorrow at 5:45am. Yikes! 

Another epiphany, I've realized, to DO this, I have to make it a lifestyle. (Duh..easier said than done!) I have to love it. So that's why I joined the gym. And I am excited to find what I LOVE again. And maybe it's not Zumba ;) 

Have you noticed the new blog design? I was tired of my blog. I had blogger ADD there for a while and I want it to be just about weight loss and fitness again.  At least for now, I do reserve the right to change my mind ;-) 

So here's to another day 1. And to never giving up. The scale is put away, but Weigh in is Friday. :) 
Me this weekend 😜❤️ 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Run or Dye & catch up

I have not meant to stay away so long! Life just is so busy with 4 little boys! Saturday I ran the Run or Dye 5k in San Luis Obispo. It was great! Definitely a race you need a friend with though. We sat in traffic for 1 hour going 3 miles on hwy 1! Ugh! I missed my start time, but luckily they had several waves that started so I ended up starting at 10:10 am! And I finished in 43 mins. !! I thought it was my fastest time but I think it was actually my 2nd to fastest. 

I had some rockin nails for the run :) want Jamberry nails?! They are AWESOME! 
If you do want some check out 

Anyways, I was not on track for a while on WW. Back on track and majorly focused now. So, here's some pics of our fun day :) 
Here are some quotes I'm trying to remember. And praying For His help. 

I'm getting a gym membership this week! very excited. I need to work out and do strength training. I often think back to 2010 when I was losing and going to spin and Turbo Kick Boxing at the gym. I want that again. Except for some reason there's nooooo TKB here at all! So sad. 
Ok I'm off. Laundry is sky high here. 
I WILL be posting every weigh in (Friday)