Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Run or Dye & catch up

I have not meant to stay away so long! Life just is so busy with 4 little boys! Saturday I ran the Run or Dye 5k in San Luis Obispo. It was great! Definitely a race you need a friend with though. We sat in traffic for 1 hour going 3 miles on hwy 1! Ugh! I missed my start time, but luckily they had several waves that started so I ended up starting at 10:10 am! And I finished in 43 mins. !! I thought it was my fastest time but I think it was actually my 2nd to fastest. 

I had some rockin nails for the run :) want Jamberry nails?! They are AWESOME! 
If you do want some check out www.adrienneosuna.jamberrynails.net 

Anyways, I was not on track for a while on WW. Back on track and majorly focused now. So, here's some pics of our fun day :) 
Here are some quotes I'm trying to remember. And praying For His help. 

I'm getting a gym membership this week! very excited. I need to work out and do strength training. I often think back to 2010 when I was losing and going to spin and Turbo Kick Boxing at the gym. I want that again. Except for some reason there's nooooo TKB here at all! So sad. 
Ok I'm off. Laundry is sky high here. 
I WILL be posting every weigh in (Friday) 


Staci Moize said...

I want that blue ice cream! LOL Looks like a great day!!!

Staci Moize said...
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Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I don't love getting dirty so I have yet to try a color run or mud run. Glad you loved it. :) Your kids are TOO cute for words.

xo, Jess


Lindsay said...

You can do it!! I am trying to also! I have a question for you - do you have a sister that sings on a singing group at West Coast Baptist College? I saw a poster of their ladies group this week and one of the girls on there resembles you so much! Random question, I know - but just had to ask!

Adrienne said...

Lindsay- no, but I graduated from WCBC! lol small world :) hope she's pretty..haha