Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I love/hate Whole 30

Weight is coming off. I love it. I'm so thankful. I weigh myself & see the number dropping and I could tear up because I normally will take a calendar & write "-2" at the end of every week to see where I could be at by X date. I always look back at the calendar depressed & angry at myself because I didn't lose anything. 

Not this time. :)  Yes it's hard. Holy moly it's hard. But here's the awesome part: LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE NOW, SO LATER I CAN LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE. 

Okay I stole that from Dave Ramsey but still it's my new motto, & it's getting me through. Because LISTEN! Weight is coming off so quickly, AND more importantly I'm detoxing my poor body & healing it. So if I can buckle down & LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE right now, later in life I will 1: be at my dream weight & 2: be able to enjoy yummy foods OCCASIONALY & not have health issues.

Im on day 17!! I have been getting really really bored with food (the hate part) and I don't even look forward to eating right now. I'm about to go grocery shopping so I'm gonna spice it up a bit.  I can't tell you how many cupcakes and cakes, and tarts, and chips and dips I've passed up these last 2.5 weeks! It's like I'm being tested.... But alas I did it because I want to live a healthy vibrant life at my goal weight. 

Being out of town last weekend was difficult but I didn't detour. (Ok I had a tiny bit of heavy cream in coffe but that's it!) 

Oh.....I didn't do Wharf to Wharf. My very first did not start. I know! I just really didn't want to get up at 5:30am, get all the kids in the car, wait in traffic, wait for Porta potty, wait to start walking, make my family wait 2 hours, then drive home.  So I decided to stay and visit family. I'm glad I did. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

One month NO sugar!

Well I am a horrible Blogger! It's been a long time! Sorry. 

Well it marks one month today that I've been sugar free!  (processed sugar) 
I feel good and I've lost....DRUMROLL....16.2 pounds in the last month!! I just can't believe it!! 

Today I weighed 193.8! I've also stayed strong on whole 30, today is day 13. I'm ready for it to be over :-) 

I'm very annoyed, because on Monday I called my doctors office to see if my lab work was in, and the receptionist said I said it is and it all looked normal! I requested to have the dr call me but he never did. But then yesterday an RN called me and told me that in fact I have several food allergies! Omwhat! 

According to my blood test I'm allergic to: 
and string beans! 
Say what!!!!!!!! 

I'm so sad about this....I pray that in time I can reintroduce some if these. The test said I was not gluten sensitive but I hadn't eaten gluten in almost 3 weeks already when they did the test. 
I'm a little depressed. You know, mourning the loss of wheat especially. I mean....it's in everything delicious. But hey I am not allergic to dairy or eggs so Whoo hoo! 
Ice cream! Jk 
Ok off to WHARF TO WHARF 10k tomorrow!!!!! Yes! It's Sunday morning but we are heading up early. Stay tuned. I hope it's a nice and fun experience. 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Whole 30 Day 5 & Meal Plan

Well Ello!
I am on day 5 of Whole 30 and boy, did I feel crummy this morning! I was so naseous, I could barely eat anything.  At first I was thinking, "Oh no, it's another symptom" but NOPE.  I googled and I suppose it's common, as I saw many other people dealt with this too.  I suppose it could be my body detoxing, or a bacteria die off, or the "carb flu".  I ate sausage and half a banana and feel a little better now.  I really look forward to "the magic" happening :)

I have been very tired and have a major lack of energy.  But my Young Living En-Er-Gee oil helps with that. 

Anyways, here is the first week of meas I had planned out for this Whole 30.

Sunday- Curry Beef with Carrots
Ground beef cooked with carrots, curry and 1/4 coconut milk. 

Got this recipe from the book and I honestly didn't like it much.  Besides, on Monday morning I got horrible abdominal pain, and finally figured it was from the curry (duh, I shouldn't be eating spices!).

Monday- Bacon wrapped chicken breast and baked zucchini sprinkled with ghee and sea salt. YUM

Tuesday- Spaghetti squash and  ground beef with cooked spinach.  I served speghetti sauce to my family, but not to myself (I had ghee with mine) because I am also eliminating nightshades and spices. So this was pretty boring...

Last night I planned on making Butternut Squash Soup,  but didn't have time so I whipped up some chicken drumsticks and veggies.

Thursday- Chicken Tenders and Zucchini Fries

Friday- Butternut squash hash (in my book)

Saturday- Shrimp, Pineapple and Chicken grilled shish kebobs

Sunday- Crockpot Meatloaf

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weigh in & Whole 30..again..

Yesterday's weigh in: 
200.8 soooo close! Next week! That's a 2lb loss this week. Yay! 

I am getting use to not eating sugar, gluten, most carbs, most dairy, and ya know, yummy foods. But I still get a little bitter about it. This was a verse of the day... 
"Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 KJV)

Thank you Jesus for this trial. (Boy that's hard to say). I know it's benefitting my health. 

I start whole 30 again tomorrow. I only made it seven days last time. 

I'm half way there already (no sugar or gluten 17 days!) 

But I need to take it a little further since I still have some issues. I have a dr apt Monday and I'm scared, nervous and worried. Need to give it to Him. 

Here's my food for the next couple weeks. Breakfast will be the hardest because I'm cutting out eggs too (not whole 30) just wondering if they are problematic for me. 

Have a great weekend! 
Oh and body pump was awesome. Doubled my squat weight! 
And I walked w a friend Thursday night :) 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Almost Onderland.....

I know I shouldn't weigh every day but I have been. The thing about scales is they are tricky..it takes a couple days to catch up to the scale. Today I was 201.9! Whooooo. Official weigh in Friday but I had to share the news :) 
Here's what I'm "doing": 
Logging all my foods making sure I'm eating 1800 or so 
No sugar or processed foods 
And I've been pretty low carb. 
I'm toying with carb cycling so we will see how that goes. A lot of carna do t agree with my stomach right now. 
I am really bad at selfies. Don't laugh. I took this last night because I was feeling skinny. Please excuse the pool hair and no makeup bathroom look. 
Going back to body pump today! Yay! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Something sweet

Everyday it's a choice. I have a choice to eat what I want ( sugar and junk) or I can choose NOT to. I have been feeling like "well my weight loss doesn't count because I can't have sugar.." But no, it does count because I can have sugar. I would just feel awful after probably. 

1 am 10 days no sugar now or gluten. 
I feel really good. I haven't had pain in 3 days. I thank God for second chances and since Wednesday I kept thinking "what if it's too late? What if I destroyed my body with sugar and junk already? What if I have cancer?" 

It's hard. I want something sweet. But what I am trying, for once, is to be honest with myself---

Me facing the facts: 
I got a letter from kaiser saying I was "Pre-Pre Diebetic". (Didn't know that was a thing) 
Sugar was causing inflammation in my gut {I'm no doctor but I know my body! When I would eat too much i would get intense pain, & it finally said ENOUGH}. 
Sugar would send me into blood sugar crashes that made me feel faint 
Cancer feeds off sugar 
Sugar feeds bacterial overgrowth, which damages your intestines and can cause leaky gut, which can lead to Auto Immune diseases, cancer, and all kinds of other problems 

I am NOT against anyone else having sugar. Especially as means to lose weight...because it's hard and deprevation kicks in. A gradual wean off would be better but I didnt have time for that. 

Yesterday was tough, I wanted to eat bread and cookies and yummy banana pudding (I had a few bites!!). But my friend was sooo sweet and made me a special lemon chicken that was so yummy, and I had delicious corn on the cob lathered with butter. And I ate until I was pleasantly full. I felt great. 

I plan to reintroduce dairy in a couple days.  I struggle to stay around 1,500 calories with out having way to much fat! My goal is 1,800 calories since I'm breastfeeding. 

I haven't lost any weight in a couple of days but I'm glad, since I lost 8 so quickly! 

I haven't been able to walk since it's been so busy but I plan to tonight. And back to body pump this week!! 

Here's some pics from yesterday. I got an email from shoebox pic storage from our 4th of July when Shane was a baby! I was shocked to see how fat my face was! Here's me yesterday next to it 
And more from yesterday :) 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I weighed myself.

I weighed myself.
A few times actually. 

My last post I wrote about how sick I got Wednesday night and ended up in the ER.  I weighed Thursday morning and I was 210.  Then again on Friday and I was 208, and today I was 202.8!!!! Let me explain why.

The whole month of no dieting I only lost 1 pound.  I am and forever will be against dieting from now on because of what it does to one's mind, and it's a vicious cycle. 

Irony.  Because right now I have to be on the strictest diet EVER to get better.  It seems as though IBS has flared it's ugly face.  But maybe it is some kind of bug or virus as well that irritated my IBS.
I went to the ER twice in the last 6 days.  I've had horrible pain everyday.  Today was much better.  Minimal pain for a short time. 

The pain is in the very lower abdomen and like I said before it's worse than labor.  So that's why it's alarming.  Our insurance also hasn't been accepted yet, so I was really stressed about that.  Yesterday after more pain my husband and I went to the insurance office and GOT IT SETTLED.  After that we went to the ER again and thank God saw a different dr.  He ordered a CT scan (scary) and more blood work.  Everything looked good except there are tiny little swollen lymph nodes on my intestines that means my body is trying to fight an infection/virus or inflammation.  Hm.  I do believe my gut is inflamed, as is the case with IBS.  But hopefully it is a bug or virus that is making it worse than normal and not I'm just getting worse.

I am not losing weight because its all going right through me or because I'm not eating. I've been dropping weight because I'm eating very low carb.  After a lot of research I have decided to limit certain carbs.  I have eliminated a lot of foods that feed bacteria in the gut.  Hopefully this will just be for a couple weeks and I will be able to re-introduce some things back in. 

When not in pain, I have actually been feeling really good.  It's been 6 days no sugar or grains! And 4 no dairy. 

Also after some research I am sadly going to have to put a hold on half marathon training.  It totally makes sense once you really think about it, that too much intense carido or work outs at all can cause stress on your body.  And for someone with inflammation already it could trigger these flare ups.  So for now I will be WALKING  a lot, swimming, doing Yoga and lifting weights.  I'm ok with that.  My overall health is more important than running. 

Not dieting is a state of mind.  I can say, I am eating low-carb, and then totally binge a day later, and yo-yo back and forth.  But when I think of it as for my heath and how I will FEEL after I eat and not weight loss only, then I don't feel like it's a diet. 

I mean, it is hard. We were at a friends house lats night and everyone was eating pizza.  I could've had a piece.  It smelled really good. No one was telling me not to.  But I knew if I ate it I would really regret it by how I felt from it. So I didn't. 

Let's just all face it.  Food is so tricky.  You have to eat.  It has the power to heal you or to kill you.  Obesity kills people.  I don't want to be one of those sad stories.  Because clearly, my body is telling me something. 

I have been kinda depressed about it all.  But I can CHOOSE to look at the bright side.  The bight side is I am losing weight fast (I have a lot to lose), that I feel better, that I am helping my body and not harming it, and that I look forward to walking and swimming for health and to de-stress. 

I decided I am going to log all my miles and see how many I can walk for the rest of the year (l read walking is actually THE BEST way to lose fat, that and heavy weight lifting, not running and pushing your body to a max, which raises cortisol levels and causes the opposite to happen--read The Paleo Coach) .  I'm shifting my goals.  With out the stress :)

I'm sorry my journey is always changing.  But it is MY journey, and I have to do what I have to do. I hope everyone has what works for them.  And there are many different obstacles on any one persons journey, and we shouldn't feel bad about it.