Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Almost Onderland.....

I know I shouldn't weigh every day but I have been. The thing about scales is they are tricky..it takes a couple days to catch up to the scale. Today I was 201.9! Whooooo. Official weigh in Friday but I had to share the news :) 
Here's what I'm "doing": 
Logging all my foods making sure I'm eating 1800 or so 
No sugar or processed foods 
And I've been pretty low carb. 
I'm toying with carb cycling so we will see how that goes. A lot of carna do t agree with my stomach right now. 
I am really bad at selfies. Don't laugh. I took this last night because I was feeling skinny. Please excuse the pool hair and no makeup bathroom look. 
Going back to body pump today! Yay! 


divad said...

You're gonna beat me to it, but I'm no far behind! Let's get there and stay there!

Denise said...

Great job, Adrienne! You'll be in the 100s in no time. :)

S said...

How often are you nursing?