Friday, July 25, 2014

One month NO sugar!

Well I am a horrible Blogger! It's been a long time! Sorry. 

Well it marks one month today that I've been sugar free!  (processed sugar) 
I feel good and I've lost....DRUMROLL....16.2 pounds in the last month!! I just can't believe it!! 

Today I weighed 193.8! I've also stayed strong on whole 30, today is day 13. I'm ready for it to be over :-) 

I'm very annoyed, because on Monday I called my doctors office to see if my lab work was in, and the receptionist said I said it is and it all looked normal! I requested to have the dr call me but he never did. But then yesterday an RN called me and told me that in fact I have several food allergies! Omwhat! 

According to my blood test I'm allergic to: 
and string beans! 
Say what!!!!!!!! 

I'm so sad about this....I pray that in time I can reintroduce some if these. The test said I was not gluten sensitive but I hadn't eaten gluten in almost 3 weeks already when they did the test. 
I'm a little depressed. You know, mourning the loss of wheat especially. I's in everything delicious. But hey I am not allergic to dairy or eggs so Whoo hoo! 
Ice cream! Jk 
Ok off to WHARF TO WHARF 10k tomorrow!!!!! Yes! It's Sunday morning but we are heading up early. Stay tuned. I hope it's a nice and fun experience. 


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