Saturday, July 5, 2014

Something sweet

Everyday it's a choice. I have a choice to eat what I want ( sugar and junk) or I can choose NOT to. I have been feeling like "well my weight loss doesn't count because I can't have sugar.." But no, it does count because I can have sugar. I would just feel awful after probably. 

1 am 10 days no sugar now or gluten. 
I feel really good. I haven't had pain in 3 days. I thank God for second chances and since Wednesday I kept thinking "what if it's too late? What if I destroyed my body with sugar and junk already? What if I have cancer?" 

It's hard. I want something sweet. But what I am trying, for once, is to be honest with myself---

Me facing the facts: 
I got a letter from kaiser saying I was "Pre-Pre Diebetic". (Didn't know that was a thing) 
Sugar was causing inflammation in my gut {I'm no doctor but I know my body! When I would eat too much i would get intense pain, & it finally said ENOUGH}. 
Sugar would send me into blood sugar crashes that made me feel faint 
Cancer feeds off sugar 
Sugar feeds bacterial overgrowth, which damages your intestines and can cause leaky gut, which can lead to Auto Immune diseases, cancer, and all kinds of other problems 

I am NOT against anyone else having sugar. Especially as means to lose weight...because it's hard and deprevation kicks in. A gradual wean off would be better but I didnt have time for that. 

Yesterday was tough, I wanted to eat bread and cookies and yummy banana pudding (I had a few bites!!). But my friend was sooo sweet and made me a special lemon chicken that was so yummy, and I had delicious corn on the cob lathered with butter. And I ate until I was pleasantly full. I felt great. 

I plan to reintroduce dairy in a couple days.  I struggle to stay around 1,500 calories with out having way to much fat! My goal is 1,800 calories since I'm breastfeeding. 

I haven't lost any weight in a couple of days but I'm glad, since I lost 8 so quickly! 

I haven't been able to walk since it's been so busy but I plan to tonight. And back to body pump this week!! 

Here's some pics from yesterday. I got an email from shoebox pic storage from our 4th of July when Shane was a baby! I was shocked to see how fat my face was! Here's me yesterday next to it 
And more from yesterday :) 

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