Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weigh In

I am now below my prepregnancy weight from when I had my first baby! 

Only a pound loss this week. But I'll take it. This week I am really gonna buckle down and stay under 50g of carbs all week. (Yes I had ice cream slip ups last week again!). It's the last week of summer so my old yo-yo diet self says "live it up! Eat all the ice cream now! Start when school is back in!" But NO. Because that's a week that would be wasted. 

Here is the process of a good selfie. My 6yo cut my head off so many times lol. So my sis in law took one if me after church :) 
{haha thanks Shane}
That's better! Selfies are still awkward for me...I feel so narcissistic. But they record my process and encourage me. 
Down 58 pounds, have 42 to go. 
Left was in 2009 at my heaviest when boy 2 was a baby. Right is today. I lost and gained with another 3 pregnancies in 
Between these photos (we have 4 boys, we lost a baby in between boy 2 and 3). Since boy 4 was born 9 months ago I've lost 34 pounds. I am determined to get to goal and stay there! With His help! 
Dress is from Old Navy (size Large!!!) my maxi skirts are way to big for me now. I'm trying not to buy much clothes so I can save for a shopping spree when I get to my goal. That's only something I use to dream about. Now I feel like it's an actual possibility.  

Everyday I have to decide what to eat. I could eat ice cre and potato chips all day...but I choose not too. 

It's more of a habit now. I wake up and drink my coffee with heavy cream and sugar free Carmel syrup. Then I eat some sausage. I try to eat no carbs for breakfast because you wake up in ketosis (fat burning state). Once you eat carbs you start to burn those for energy inStead of fat. my husband since he works a physical job should have carbs for breakfast.  

Then for lunch I will eat a grilled cheese sandwich with Udi's gluten free bread and take my vitamins, and have a a mandarin orange or grapes maybe. Sandwich is about 24 carbs. I'll snack on salami and cheese, almonds, and a smoothie with veggies and a little fruit. Dinner is usually very low carbs, meat and veggies, or a bunless burger or something. 
Ive been drinking a Trim Healthy mama good girl moonshine several days a week. (Big Mason jar full of ice, 3 tbsp apple cidar vinegar, 1 tsp ginger powder, 1 tsp stevia, club soda or water to the top). My mom in law and sis in law could NOT drink this. They gagged! I personally love it. 

Here's all my weigh ins since June 25 when I started eating very "clean". 

I did Whole 30 in there for a month. 
Ok, here's to a fantastic week! Xoxo 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weigh in and Carb Sweet Spot

187.2 on weigh in day (Saturday). I lost another 1.5 pounds this week. I know that's good...but I want more! :) 

I now know what I can tolerate and Ice Cream has been my sweet treat. I've been indulging a little too much... 

Must nip that in the bud! I think I can get to goal in about 5 months if I just stay strong. 

Carbs are tricky. For me it helps to lower my carb intake. But I kept wondering how much?! Then I found this! 

Atkins says keto is less than 20grams but that's too hard for me. So I'm aiming for less than 50, but as long as I'm less than 100 g of carbs a day I'm happy. 

I'm anxious to see 179.... It's so close I can taste it!!! No more ice cream! Or maybe just very little... ;-) 

My friend bought me this book! I'm excited for the recipes! It goes well with my low carb eating. 

Hoping to report another loss next post. Stay tuned :) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

180's & low carb

Done with whole 30! Whoot whoot! Comparison photos. 
Left 199 on day 1 of whole 30.
Right 188 on day 30! 
As I stayed on FB, I wasn't even %100 perfect. I was for a few weeks than had a little dairy here and there. I know that's like TABOO in "Whole 30" world but ya know, I'm not perfect. So, yeah. 
I did my best. :) 

Yesterday I allowed myself some natural ice cream, with enjoy life allergy free chocolate chips. Yummmm. I also had a cup of chocolate milk :P 

Then I went to Starbucks and ordered a sugar free Carmel iced americano 
With heavy cream & she may have given me the wrong drink but it was sooo good I couldn't give it back! It was so sweet though, I could only drink half. 
Yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought all I needed for low carbing. Today I was really good and have had about 25-30 carbs. 
My friend BOUGHT me the Trim Healthy mama book and I'm so excited!! Ya know Staci tried to talk me into it lots of times but I always had an excuse. Then I talked her out of it, now here I am considering it. Sorry stace! :/
So my plan is to stay low carb/THM. It's almost the same right? 
I was trying on clothes at target last night & hating it. All my clothes are too big for me (I've lost 22 lbs in the last 6-7 weeks!) 
But I couldn't enjoy it...because I hate my stomach & hips! 
I admit, I am inspired by woman's bravery to post their before and after of their tummies. So brave! I'm not gonna do that..ever. Lol....this is embaressing enough. Gah! Hopefully there are only ladies reading :) 

I sooooo do not want to post that photo. But hey, I'm real. This is me. My stomach is the way it is because I birthed 4 boys in 5.5 years. I am posting it to document my progress. And, I should be proud of where I'm at. It's all thanks to God though. He is my strength & my help. 

Another note: on Instagram lots of people feel the need to explain why they post progress photos. But I'm always like, "you don't have to explain, we all follow you because it's motivating!" Ya know? So I hope no one gets tired of my progress photos. (Not that I post many, but maybe I will start lol) 
Left is March 14, the day before we moved. 216 lbs
Right is yesterday, August 11, 188 lbs. 
I know I still have a loooong way to go. Lord willing the next pic I'll be smaller and STRonger. 
To all the mamas and ladies out there, trust me when I say you can do it! We can do it. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Weigh in

Hello! So, some bad news. I've only lost .4 pounds in two weeks! Ugh! 
Im 191.8 now. 
It's so ironic isn't it? Since last time I blogged I was all about how fast I was losing weight! Well I sure am humbled now :-) 
We had our eighth wedding anniversary last week, so we've been kind of busy. My husband took me to Pismo and I did really good at the restaurant, I got a bunless burger with no sauce on it, it had pineapples but it did have a little tiny bit of cheese :/
But I had no french fries! I've had a little bit of dairy I admit it....
But I am still finishing out the whole 30. Even though I am so over it!
I'm excited I only have three more days, because once I'm done I'm going to be starting Atkins. 

Anyone want go do it with me? 
I've been thinking about it a lot and for many reasons am going this direction. 
-Carbs/sugar is not my friends these days. Even fruit. 
-I can tolerate dairy 
-I can eat all I want 
-it will be good for my hormones 
-I'm allergic to wheat, corn, and soy so most of the good stuff is off limits anyways.