Tuesday, August 12, 2014

180's & low carb

Done with whole 30! Whoot whoot! Comparison photos. 
Left 199 on day 1 of whole 30.
Right 188 on day 30! 
As I stayed on FB, I wasn't even %100 perfect. I was for a few weeks than had a little dairy here and there. I know that's like TABOO in "Whole 30" world but ya know, I'm not perfect. So, yeah. 
I did my best. :) 

Yesterday I allowed myself some natural ice cream, with enjoy life allergy free chocolate chips. Yummmm. I also had a cup of chocolate milk :P 

Then I went to Starbucks and ordered a sugar free Carmel iced americano 
With heavy cream & she may have given me the wrong drink but it was sooo good I couldn't give it back! It was so sweet though, I could only drink half. 
Yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought all I needed for low carbing. Today I was really good and have had about 25-30 carbs. 
My friend BOUGHT me the Trim Healthy mama book and I'm so excited!! Ya know Staci tried to talk me into it lots of times but I always had an excuse. Then I talked her out of it, now here I am considering it. Sorry stace! :/
So my plan is to stay low carb/THM. It's almost the same right? 
I was trying on clothes at target last night & hating it. All my clothes are too big for me (I've lost 22 lbs in the last 6-7 weeks!) 
But I couldn't enjoy it...because I hate my stomach & hips! 
I admit, I am inspired by woman's bravery to post their before and after of their tummies. So brave! I'm not gonna do that..ever. Lol....this is embaressing enough. Gah! Hopefully there are only ladies reading :) 

I sooooo do not want to post that photo. But hey, I'm real. This is me. My stomach is the way it is because I birthed 4 boys in 5.5 years. I am posting it to document my progress. And, I should be proud of where I'm at. It's all thanks to God though. He is my strength & my help. 

Another note: on Instagram lots of people feel the need to explain why they post progress photos. But I'm always like, "you don't have to explain, we all follow you because it's motivating!" Ya know? So I hope no one gets tired of my progress photos. (Not that I post many, but maybe I will start lol) 
Left is March 14, the day before we moved. 216 lbs
Right is yesterday, August 11, 188 lbs. 
I know I still have a loooong way to go. Lord willing the next pic I'll be smaller and STRonger. 
To all the mamas and ladies out there, trust me when I say you can do it! We can do it. 


Anonymous said...

I think you are so brave to post your pics and you look fabulous! Keep up all the hard work - I am also on a similar journey (and I haven't even had one kid!)we all need to be kinder to each other, every one is on a journey.

The Skinny on Staci said...

Okay, I have to say I'm THRILLED that you posted that pic because even though one of my thighs is the size of both of yours put together, my stomach looks very similar. When I try on certain materials, it clings to my hips and that belly bulge. And I never had the fat roll that hung down until after #4. :::sigh::: you look GREAT, though, and you'd never see any of those imperfections in the dresses you usually wear, yanno? So who cares! You are doing great. Oh, and I'm sure it wouldn't take much to talk me out of THM anyway. Ha. It's funny, though, bc I guess I did it when it was pretty new and everyone was freaked out by it. Now all those same ppl are buying the book! And I just sold mine! Lol

divad said...

Woo hoo...you are getting there! Congrats on your success with the Challenge.