Friday, August 8, 2014

Weigh in

Hello! So, some bad news. I've only lost .4 pounds in two weeks! Ugh! 
Im 191.8 now. 
It's so ironic isn't it? Since last time I blogged I was all about how fast I was losing weight! Well I sure am humbled now :-) 
We had our eighth wedding anniversary last week, so we've been kind of busy. My husband took me to Pismo and I did really good at the restaurant, I got a bunless burger with no sauce on it, it had pineapples but it did have a little tiny bit of cheese :/
But I had no french fries! I've had a little bit of dairy I admit it....
But I am still finishing out the whole 30. Even though I am so over it!
I'm excited I only have three more days, because once I'm done I'm going to be starting Atkins. 

Anyone want go do it with me? 
I've been thinking about it a lot and for many reasons am going this direction. 
-Carbs/sugar is not my friends these days. Even fruit. 
-I can tolerate dairy 
-I can eat all I want 
-it will be good for my hormones 
-I'm allergic to wheat, corn, and soy so most of the good stuff is off limits anyways. 

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Susan May said...

I believe any excess weight that is lost is a good one, so good for you for losing 0.4 pounds. It means that you're on track, which is what matters, right? It's okay not to lose steadily. Anyway, good luck with dieting. I do hope you get to meet your goals. Stay healthy!

Susan May @ It Works!