Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Life Lately.

Well I finally hit -60lbs!!!!! Whoo hoo! 
I really really need to plow through and keep going. I haven't been very focused on losingweight, I've been so busy with the boys, their homework, all their sports, housework, husband!, and trying to grow my photography bus. I assisted at two weddings the last two Saturdays! It was awesome :) I am learning so much. 

HOW can I lose weight with out it being my MAIN focus in life? It's hard. I just need to set it on auto piolet. I've been paying for my gym membership that I don't go to, and walking only once a week or so. But this week so far I havent eaten after 6pm and I think it's helping. 
I'm 184 and want to see 179!!!!! 

I am going to log all my food I to MFP, (I already eat pretty clean...not enough veggies but I would say it's pretty good). So I just need something to jump start me again. Here we go! :) how are you all?!