Saturday, November 15, 2014

Update on IIFYM

It's been going ok...trying to figure out HOW to hit my fat, protein and carbs with out going over is tricky. It's a learning process. I lost another pound though! Whoo hoo! So 61 total, and I am confident next week I'll be down ever more. 
I've been doing body pump regularly. Ouch! I love it of course but I want up start lifting heavy in the weight room...but I'm too scared to go in there :/ 
Maybe eventually :) 
Tonight I am going w my sister in laws and mom in law on a girls get a way night! Eeek! 
Nervous for my hubby lol. 
I tried on some skinny jeans just for fun. They were a size 16, and fit :/ but I tried on some plaid pants and they were a 14 & fit! And that's a big deal cause baby's got back ykwim? ;-) 
Here are some recent photos :) if you follow me on IG you've probably seen these all haha. 
Will be back soon! 

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Tori Leslie said...

Great job! Looking good!