Thursday, December 18, 2014

Half MARATHON!!!!!

You guys I did something crazy. 

Yeah....on a whim, I decided I want to run another half marathon! 
I've been feeling healthy. My stomach has been so much better than the last time I was running (haven't had wheat/corn/soy/peanuts in almost 6 months!). I just want to run. And I need a boost in the pants. 

I signed up for the San Luis Obispo Half marathon, on April 26, 2015! I'm so excited because I actually have two friends running it with me! One of them being my Pastor's wife :) it will be both my friends first, but I am starting from ground 0 too so we are all on the same page. 

I will be altering my carb Intake to eat more carbs on running days. Training starts Jan 3!! I have it all written out in my calendar. 
Speaking of carbs....I got down to 182!! I haven't weighed in a while though. 

Life is so busy. I am DONE Christmas shopping! Whoo hoo! How about you?? I've been out everyday for like 2 weeks shopping/mailing gifts & cards ect. Needless to say our laundry is pile high and I'm broke now. Ha! 

My husband and I at the church staff Christmas party last night.


Tori Leslie said...

Wow, a half marathon is great. I do good to get my three miles in much less 13! Well, you go girl! My preacher always said, if you don't aim for something you're sure not to hit it, oh yea and congrats for getting to 182!
Merry Christmas!

Elisha Kemp said...

That's so great! Can't wait to watch your progress to it :)

Laura Leiva said...

Good luck!! I need to get back to training for a 5k and run the darn thing!