Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weight Vs Inches, Bye Scale!

Last week was good.
I weighed in on last Friday at 183! Then had a killer rollerblade workout on Saturday where I burned 1300+ calories
and the next day I was UP 2 pounds. WHAAAATTTTTTT?! 

I was frustrated. Angry. See!!! I can't get out of the 180's!!! Ugh! After that I was discouraged. We had family in town this weekend and then I've had sick kiddos all week. I could've stayed on track but I was just so down and annoyed w it all that I didn't try very hard. I've worked out once this week (Leg Day). I actually did weights in the weight room! Yay! Not so scary after all. 
WHY do I care so much about the scale? Seriously? Do I want to lose weight or lose fat and inches? Do I want to weigh 160 and be a size 10/12 like I was when I got married or be 160 and a size 6 like a lot of very fit ladies? The number doesn't matter, no one knows the number on the scale but everyone knows you're actual size because well, they can see you (me!). Plus, do I want to be strong, or do I want to be a lighter version of my flabby self? Ok we Can all see how stupid the scale is. Ok? Ok. If not here's some more motivation. 
A not for this one, I calculated my body fat percentage yesterday based on my measurements and weight and OMGOSH it's horrific! Even though I weigh 185 is it estimated my bf% is %44! That's awful!!!! That's changing now. 
So for now I'm gonna forego the scale. Maybe weigh once every two weeks. I'm gonna eat my macros as best as I can (recalculated for a little less food than a couple weeks ago so I won't have to stuff my face with canned tuna to meet macros). And I'll be weight lifting 4 days a week and running only 2 days a week. I love running/walking and even spin so it will be hard to limit my cardio but I only have so much time at the gym and uh, well cardio takes longer so cardio < weight lifting. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scale is mooooving!

I've lost 3 lbs this week! Yay! Weigh in day is actually friday but u changed some things up last week and it's working. I'm so happy. 

Weight loss is like %80 finding what works for you, and %20 doing it consistently. 
What worked once may not work for a while and or you may get bored with it and need to change things up or go back to what was origanlly what you were doing. Wow that was a tongue twister :) 

Last week after dinseyland I was back up to 189!! So not cool. So, I prayed and brainstormed and thought about what's worked for me in the past. 
Last Monday I wasn't feeling well so didn't eat much, and so by Tuesday I was back at 186.8. 

I just wanted/want to be consistent and do something that will work and not restrict anything. I can't do (or shouldn't do) low carb while half marathon training, and I didn't want to have to worry about that. 

That's why I liked IIFYM. You can eat anything. I decided to scale it down a bit though. I was struggling with allll the food (not so much the calories but the volume of food because it's just so much protein! Near 150g for me!) 

All week I've been counting my calories on mfp, aiming for 100 g of protein, drinking lots of water, exercising, and not eating after 6pm. It's working so far and I pray it stays that way. I can do this...I don't feel deprived and I'm happy. 

My calorie goal is set to 1,600, but I usually eat around 1700-1800 & I try to have a deficit of calories everyday. If I exercise I eat more towards 1900. Saturday will be my cheat day but I will still log it. I ate about 3,000 calories Saturday! Whoa I know..but I still lost! I try to have a 300-500 calorie deficit. Here's some of my burns from this week. 
3.5 mile run ^
Weights and cycle class ^
2+ mile run ^
This day I just got out to burn 100 calories ^
^2.5 mile hike w the fam yesterday also I did weights w my hubby and burned another 200 there. 
I am very motivated right now to get out of the 180's and into the 170's! Weigh in on Friday I will report then :) 

More than anything I am focusing on consistency. I'm still doing my weight program, but didn't get to do most of it last week cause if sick kids. 

I'm reminding myself I've lost 58 lbs in 2010, then I lost 80 pounds in 2012 (both in between pregnancies) and now I'm back to -61. I CAN DO THIS AND I WILL FINISH this year! 39 lbs to go! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year :-)

Heeeeyyyyyyy there!!! Happy new year! 
My friend Kendra text me the other day and told me I should sign up for a 12 week IIFYM challenge she's doing with a lifting/iifym coach (Tori). She had a special going on for $40 to get personalized macros, personalized lifting routine, unlimited email and text support ect. I've never been interested in a coach before, or a personal trainer but I thought why not I'll give it a try. I was doing well on low carb and losing the few pounds I gained over the holidays, and I was feeling good. But sometimes I get so confused with alllll the conflicting info out there I thought it would be nice to just do something that someone that really knows what they're doing says to do! I don't have to make up my own lifting plan (I was seriously clueless), how many carbs to eat esp while half marathon training (which I also started yesterday!) and so on. I heard that doing low carb while training for long distance running can wreck havoc On your hormones and body so I definitely don't want to do that. 
This challenge was cheaper than signing up for weight watchers or a personal trainer so I thought it was well worth it to get me lifting in the right direction (haha).
Since she is a coach and charges for lifting plans I can't disclose all the exercises but I'll tell you the schedule. Which is pretty exciting and not as bad as I thought :) 
Monday: Back and Biceps/30 mins cardio
Tuesday: Shoulders and Abs/30 mins cardio 
Wednesday: Legs and Calves/30 mins HIIT (I'm gonna use this for a run day) 
Thursday: Chest and Triceps
Friday: Shoulders and Glutes  
Saturday: Cardio and Abs
The cardio can be any day but these are the days I decided to do them. 
Yesterday I had all my exercises planned out and entered into Fitness Buddy App on my phone (love this app!). I went at noon thinking there wouldn't be many guys in the weight room. WRONG! Ugh. So I chickened out and decided to do the "At home" option in the main exercise room with Dumbbells and a band. I'm such a scardy cat! I NEED to just get over it. After weights yesterday I did 1 mile on the treadmill and then got called to pick up my stinky baby.
So today I went at 5:30 am hoping it would be empty and again it wasn't. Man these guys are dedicated! So I chickened out again and did the at home work out in the main room with Dumbbells except there's a cable machine in there and I did do those two exercises. I did abs on the ball and planks. I look so happy right?! It was early lol. After weights today I did step for 25 mins.
Here's some pics of our Christmas & New Years :) all photos by me :) I had so much fun shooting some Christmas pics of my boys. We had a little visitor on Christmas eve and he even brought snow! ;-) the first pj shot is how 542 out of 543 turned out... 
Here's some of us New Year's Day :) we did some weights then went on a 3 mile hike in Montano De Oro. It was gorgeous! 
One of my goals this year is to blog a lot more. So please stick around! :-) xoxo I'll be weighing in saturday but more than that measuring myself regularly and taking and posting weekly photos! Here  is my "week one" photos.