Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shane in Children's Hospital

What happened?? 
(If we are friends on FB forgive me for repeating the story! Wanted to write it out once because people keep asking me what happened.) 

Last weekend We were in morgan hill visiting family and everything was fine. We were in the car on Monday driving to my sister in laws house and Shane (7) suddenly started crying saying his head, arms and back hurt. He was sweating a lot too. When we got to where we were going we gave him Advil and a shower and he went to sleep for a couple hours or so. When he woke up he called out to me and when was trying to get dressed he said he couldn't use his left hand, that "it didn't work."  We left to head home back to santa Maria and not long after being in the car Shane threw up quite a bit. 
After that he felt better but he couldn't use his hand at all. 
When we got to Santa Maria I took him to the ER, after a clear CT scan and X-rays of his arm they thought he maybe got hurt, a concussion and an injured nerve in his arm. When we were leaving the ER Monday night he fell in the hallway of the hospital. He couldn't walk right so I carried him to the car. He said he was just tired. (He really wanted to go home). He slept a good nine hours Monday but when he woke up Tuesday around 10:30am he fell in the bathroom and couldn't walk straight. I called his pediatrician and he said to take him back to the ER. 
He had an hour and fifteen minute long MRI which he was awake for. He was such a trooper I'm so proud of him. His MRI came back clear (as far as the ER dr was concerned). I went home to pick up some dinner w news that he would need to follow up with a pediatric neurologist this week. While at home getting dinner my husband called and said they were transferring him to Children's Hospital. I was shocked. My husband and Shane left at 5am this morning in an ambulance for Children's which is a 3hr drive.  
He still couldn't use his legs or his left hand and that's why they were so concerned he needed to see a pediatric neurologist ASAP.  I arrived this afternoon . My mom drove 3 hours up to watch Reece and Cody (I took Will). Last night a friend brought us dinner, and when I told her he was being transferred she went to get us some groceries for my mom and the boys AND she left a $50 gas card for us. Amazing...I am so thankful. My other friend stayed with the boys until 10:30 last night while I said bye to Shane which was so hard. My sister in law picked cody up from school yesterday and another friend watched Will during Shane's MRI and I dropped reece off at preschool . I'm SO thankful for everyone's help! Another friend brought fa meal for my mom and the boys tonight. And SO MANY people are praying for shane I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude!!!! And prayers are WORKING! 
As of this afternoon Shane is WALKING!!!! Thank you Jesus! His hand is still limp but he can now hold up two fingers!!! Last night he couldn't lift one finger!! Seems he is healing and I pray it continues!!!! ....BUT....the doctors here are pretty adamant about him getting another 2 hour MRI AND a spinal tap tomorrow. :( They are looking for an infection in his brain or spine and several other things that scare the crud out of me. He will be sedated for both so he will be under for about 4 hours (please pray for This!) They told us he could feel better now then Go downhill fast again so they need to know what's going on. They are also looking for auto immune diseases. 
I *believe they think it's something viral, an infection or something that could have perhaps been triggerd or related to the influenza flu he just had. 
I am confident that God is taking care of him and that He is answering the prayers of his people. I am so grateful because this has been a fast paced hard trial for us. He was fine one minuet the next going down hill. I know it's the weirdest thing. He's in good spirits and he is enjoying all the attention :) thank you a ok for the love and prayers please keep them coming. He will have an IV all night and tomorrow he cannot eat or drink anything. :( I desperately want to be home with all my
babies safe and sound.

I read this verse this morning in my devotions and I am claiming it for this. We don't rely on men or technology but on God!! 
Psalms 20:7 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.