Monday, March 9, 2015


Well 2015 has not been my favorite year so far. Lots of trials for us one after another. 

Update on Shane: he seems to be all better PTL! If you follow me on IG or facebook you know we came home two weeks ago and he still couldn't use his left hand, he had arm pain and his feet "burned". All symptoms from damaged nerves in his spine. All the tests came back negative for autoimmune diseases THANK GOD! I used my oils on him when we got home and after a few days he had no more pain or symptoms and a few days later his hand was working! Praise the Lord. Google "mystery polio like virus paralysis in kids is puzzling doctors"...doctors never did know what he had but I truly believe it was this polio like virus. Even the MRI scans show damaged nerves in the kids in the same spots. 

Sadly, a few days after we got home my sweet cousin passed away. She was only 21, my heart broke for her parents and our whole family. I travelled up to davis for her funeral where SO many people showed up. I will miss you so much Cece. Death is so hard. I just saw her at Thanksgiving and I wish I would've hugged her longer and talked to her more :( 

The day after her funeral my husbands grandma had a very bad stroke. :( she is 77, and was so active, lively, sharp, independent, avid gardener and ate well. She had been feeling faint and weak for a few weeks prior... It's been so sad for the family to see her unable to walk and talk or move. We travelled up north this last weekend to see her. It was very humbling and sad. Praying she will recover!

We've been away from home for the past 4 weekends w everything :( I look forwarding to staying home for a good while and getting back on track. 

Today I weighed in at 186.3
I need to get out of the 180's!!!!

I have only worked out a handful of times since Jan!!! AWFUL! My half marathon is coming up! Today I am sitting down w my planner and highlighter and scheduling my runs and life. 

OH!!! BIG NEWS!!!!!!! 
W shane in The hospital, the Lord used that to speak to my heart (again!) about something. I felt like the Lord was telling me it's time....and that He wants me to be a nurse! My hubby has been encouraging me to do this for years. So when we got home I looked into it and the Lord just open doors and I start this month for my pre-Rex! I'm very excited and nervous I don't know how long the whole process will take, it will probably take me a while being a wife and mommy to 4 littles. And I am not quitting photography. Never! :)