Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Camping!

We had a great time camping in Newport Beach this 4th of July. Independence day is my favorite holiday. I love our country and I love celebrating our freedom! Good times of swimming, BBQ, family time, fun and relaxation!
When we got to Newport Dunes, we were very surprised that it was really not what we expected! You could hardly call it camping because the sites were so close together you could hear everyone around you. Not to mention that most of the people next to you have RV's. People really have quit amazing set ups!! I really enjoyed looking at all the campsites and RV's decorated with lights and American flags.
When we first arrived we were at a spot right across from these loud, obnoxious, drunk, smoking, cussing, partying guys. I mean they were horrible! They said hello to us, but when speaking amongst themselves every other word was the "F" word. It was awful. Davey was really upset I could tell. We set up camp and decided to walk to the beach to get away from them hoping they would quiet down or go inside their RV at some point, but instead just more of them showed up. We were ready to leave, and get a refund. I went to the office to ask for a refund (because I thought there were no more spots open) and he said no refunds. So I asked if we could move and thank God he moved us and our spot was perfect. Close to the bathrooms, families around us, quiet and pleasant. Thank God! After that we had a blast making burgers and smores and playing at the beach. Sunday morning we were able to go to Liberty Baptist Church right down the street and it was such a blessing. They invited us to stay for a BBQ and we did. It was great.
Then we headed back to our camp. It was around 1:00 pm and it was extremely crowded! The parking was full (thank God we had our campsite). We packed the stroller and headed to the beach. We got a great spot right on the shore and we all had a blast.
I bought a new bathing suit right before we left town. I like it a lot but it doesn't cover as much up top as I like, but it's better than my old one. I didn't want to have to wear a shirt over my bathing suit like I always do, because I wanted a tan. But I got burned! Lucky for me I usually turn tan after a burn. But ouchy.
The fireworks were amazing! The best I have ever seen that I remember. It was a great time.
I had a bit of cramping during the fireworks and thought that was odd. Later I saw I had a little bleeding.... I am now 12 weeks pregnant, and miscarriage doesn't usually happen this late. So we prayed and prayed, I was very worried and sad and scared. When we got home it seemed I was loosing fluid but there was no more bleeding. So I rested a lot yesterday, I didn't get anything done. I think everything is okay, I am praying the baby is fine. I have my regular appt. tomorrow. I want a healthy pregnancy and more important a healthy baby more than ever and I thank God for His will for us! I am very motivated to get moving! I am almost out of this trimester!! Yay! But I am still very tired. Today I dosed on the couch until 11ish while the boys played and watched cartoons. I have much to do today!! Praying for strength! =)


blondevue... said...

Awww what a great time it sounds like! So glad you guys were able to go out camping and spend some good family time together. The beach looks nice. :)
I will be praying for your health and for the baby's.
Thanks for the comment earlier. I'm just in Hawaii for three weeks then back to Alaska for 7 weeks and then back here to Hawaii.
Have a great Wednesday and night at church, love,

Adrienne said...

Thanks Tori! And thank you for prayers :)