Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Year!!!

It's July 1, 2010. I started many weight-loss journeys in my life, but last July, July, 2009 was different. I was determined to lose weight and to accomplish many physical goals. I had a goal date and a goal weight in mind. And although will not reach my goal weight this year because God has blessed us with another little baby, I have achieved almost all my physical goals!! Let me share them with you, and when I accomplished them.
Before I go on to my goals, I must say that I have lowered my BMI 6.4 points!! When I started it was BMI of 41.9= Morbid Obesity. How scary and sad! But today my BMI is 35.5! = Extreme Obesity.. but I am literally 1 point away from just Obesity. I am very happy about that!
You may remember this post, I listed some of my goals and rewards. I also had a few other goals I didn't post but that were in my journal so I will share those as well. I stared all the ones I accomplished.

Goals and Rewards
Goal #1: Lose 10 lbs. Reward: $10 at Target *
Goal #2: Lose 20 lbs. Reward: Buy a shirt from Old Navy *
Goal #3: Lose 30 lbs. Reward: A new pair of shoes *
Goal #4: Lose 40 lbs. Reward: Buy a whole outfit *
Goal #5: Run 1/2 a mile straight. Reward: A Jamba Juice and a $10 movie from Target *
Goal #6: Run 1 mile! Reward: New work out outfit *
Goal #7: Lose 50 lbs. (wow) Reward: I month tanning
Goal #8: Do a small Triathlon. Reward: Just the accomplishment of that is enough! *May 1, '10
Goal #9: Reach 175 lbs. Reward: Pedicure and an outfit
Goal #10: Reach 160 lbs. Reward: Get a massage
Goal #11: Run a 5k. Reward: A date with my husband! *May 16, '10
Goal #11: Reach 145 lbs. Reward Get hair done (cut and color)
Final Goal: Reach final goal weight of 134 lbs.!!! Reward: Go shopping and VACATION TO HAWAII!!! Aloha!

Future Goals I have for Fitness:
1. Swim in the pool at the gym*
2. Do a spin class*
3. An Olympic Triathlon
4. Half a marathon
5. Half an Iron man
6. A marathon

I feel great that I was able to accomplish all those goals! And even though I still have more to go I am confident that I will reach all of them. I still owe myself most of those rewards. Davey signed off on it so I will have to hold him to it. =)
So in a year I have lost about 40 pounds, did a Triathlon, a 5k and met many of my fitness goals.
Here are some pictures from last July compared to my most recent pictures which were last weekend. 40 pounds lighter, more fit, happy, and confident. I am ready for the next goal to be accomplished. Okay so it was hard to find pictures of me similar to the new ones because I am always the one taking the photos and I don't like to be in the shot! :/

July, 16, 2009

June 27, 2010July, 16, 2009

June 27, 2010
June 21, 2009
June 26, 2010


Weightless said...

As I reach my own fitness goals, I am in complete aw of how amazing the human body really is and how perfectly designed he made us. Who would have thought you could abuse something so badly and still be able to recover and be healthy, fit and active again? What a difference a year makes! Congrats to you with all your accomplishments, successes and goals! While you're journey isn't over you have worked hard and come along way! Plus, I think the fitness goals are really much more important then the weight. The weight will come off but not all skinny people are truly fit!

Adrienne said...

That's very true!! Not just any thin person can do a triathlon! =) Thank you! And you are so right! God gave us our bodies, and it is a temple of the HG! We should take care of it!

blondevue... said...

I can really see a difference in the pictures! You look great!! All of your goals look really encouraging and motivating! You did quite a few of them! High five for you my dear, your such an inspiration!
I'd litterly DIE on the side of the trail if I did a triathlon. FOR REAL< I'd be a gonner!
Congrats on your success!

Adrienne said...

Ha ha! Thank you!!