Thursday, September 30, 2010

GOALS- New & Achieved

I have been reflecting on this journey, and it's so amazing to me, that just a little over a year ago I was pondering the idea whether or not I could run a 5K someday. I still ponder the thought of running the whole thing.. but I know I will DO IT!! I feel like nothing is out of my reach now. Okay so it's taking me forever to lose the 104 pounds I set out to lose, but I've come so far physically and mentally in this process, and just all around HAPPY. God get's the glory. He is my Father running along side of me. How do people live without HIM??

Goals Achieved: Besides the Triathlons, Santa Monica 5K, and the -44 pounds.. the biggest thing I have accomplished is the way I think about food. When we are out of town, I dislike very much eating foods I know aren't doing anything for me.. and actually poisoning me. I physically feel very sick to my stomach. When we get home and I eat better my stomach is better! Crazy! Who would have thought?

I have many non fitness related goals, such as, getting Shane fully potty trained, getting organized and on a better schedule, reading more, creating more delicious meals for my family, more time with God, witness to more people and more.

My fitness goals are:
*Finish at least 3 more Sprint Triathlon's~ Next one scheduled for 10-23-10
*Finish a 25 mile cycle event~Hoping to do Bike the Coast 11-6-10
*Complete the Couch 2 5K plan~Starting TODAY (yes I just couldn't wait till Monday)
*Run a whole 5K with out stopping~Scheduled for 11-27-10 Santa Monica Gobble Wobble ( I switched)
*Run a 10K with out stopping 12-11-10 Can I do it so soon after 5K? I think so!
*Do an Olympic distant triathlon~Avia Wildflower Olympic distance 5-2-11 1.5K swim, 40K bike 10k run (this one is very hard, with lots of hills, so I will try to find an easier one around this time that's not in the ocean) & Morgan Hill Sprint Tri 5-15-11 (called a Sprint but really more like an Olympic.. 3/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike 5 mile run.
*Run a half marathon~2-6-11 (Shane's 3rd birthday!) Really want to do this one... but that's really soon for a half marathon.. so we'll see. It's by the beach!
*A dualathon
* A Mud Run [they look super fun]

So these are all hopes, but I need finances for them all, gas to get there, gear ect.

That's all for now.. more once I accomplish these. Notice they all happen before August 11? Well I HOPE to be at goal by then and we do want more children.. even though timing is ultimately up to God! So if He allows this schedule, and we still live in So. Cal, I will strive to do this schedule. I know the running goals seem impossible.. I am going to work hard and do my best.


Weightless said...

Isn't it so much fun, dreaming on Makes me wish I was a pro athlete with sponsors!

Once you get good at running and are doing it consistently it's easy to increase your mileage. I'm confident that once you get to the 5K running, it won't be long until you can do a 10K. I'm confident that with training you can do anything! You know the key to reaching your goals, be they physical or on the scale, consistency and commitment working towards your goals. With God, nothing is impossible. ;-)

Oh and yeah, on the same note. While I love to dream of all the activities I want to do next year. I'm pretty sure we will try to conceive next summer. ;-)

Adrienne said...

Oh yay!!! WE can be pregnant at the same time!! How fun would that be!! <3
I know and I found this website I like it so much! OH I totally wish I was sponsored. One day maybe in like 10 years.. lol. Thanks! I hope I become* good at running cause i've never been good at it.

Jess(ica) said...

I just love seeing all of the events you are striving to do, you are such huge motivation for me! I pray that everything goes well, and that you continue to train, and become good at running!

I don't know how people make it through this life without God by their sides... I wouldn't be able to, some days I feel like I need Him just to breathe!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Jessica! And it's so true.. me too. I need HIM always!! You keep it up too missy! xoxo

Kendra said...

Those are some awesome goals!! I've actually been thinking about training for the disney half next year, not quite sure yet. We might have one more little one as well, so that may play a part in this whole situation as well. You kind of inspired me to do a tri. kind of. I'm scared.

Adrienne said...

Kendra you totally should!!! They are sooo much fun. And if I can do it.. you can do it for sure!! Yay on the little one's!! =)

Weightless said...

We just might be! I just clicked on the 10k link and realized. We plan on being in that area on that day! We're celebrating Christmas with Richard's sister in Santa Monica that weekend. It might be possible to do that event with you. I'll know more as the date approaches.

Weightless said...

Kendra - you can totally rock a TRI :) Just have to think positive and start training for it.

Adrienne said...

OOOO that would be so much fun!!! Then you guys can come here and celebrate with us! =)

Kimberlynn said...

It's so good to have goals. I can't believe I've lived most of my life without them. They really keep me going. You're goals are awesome and inspiring!!!

Adrienne said...

Thanks Kimberlynn! You have the whole long rest of your life now to have them. :) xoxo