Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Measurments and Tri Training

I finally found my weight-loss journal from when I started in July 2009. I have been looking for it since I started WW so I could compare my measurements. So here they are:
6/09 9/10
Bust- 44.5 " Bust- 41"
Hips- 48 " Hips- 46"
Stomach- 49 " Stomach- 43.5"
Arms- 16 " Arms- 13.75"
Thighs- 27.5 " Thighs- 24.5"
Calf- 18 " Calf-16"
Waist- 41.5" Waist- 36.5"
Total Loss: 19.25 inches
I think that is pretty good, but it should be way more in the amount of time it has taken me to lose this weight.
Now to talk about the important factor of training for the triathlon. Hmmm. Well I have been really focusing on the bike. I really need to focus on running and good time for the 5K part. I also really need to swim. The gym pool has been closed for a week! It re-opens today. IF Davey gets home early enough I will swim before 5:30 Spin. But I have to drop off Davey's suits to the dry cleaners first, go to the bank and to Kaiser to pick up a paper. Chances are I won't get to swim. Ugh... time is ticking! I am so excited to go to Ohio, but I don't know where we are staying.. hotel? Pastor's home? church members home? Will I be able to work out? Maybe I can run there.
So to better assess my training... here are my times from my Avia Triathlon:

Osuna, Adrienne
Click to view View PhotosClick to view Download Certificate
Lancaster, CaF25Mountain Bike IndividualF25-2995302:23:52 8842984500:14:15 00:03:3200:09:24 93501:22:33 7.0000:05:3293800:32:0800:16:04

So that might be confusing to read... so here it is in English! They placed me in Female age 25-29 group (even though I was 24 in May). I came in 953 place out of 2,286 people (that is everyone, Sprint, Olympic, & Long Course). My Total Time was 2 hours 23 minuets and 52 seconds. I ranked 88 out of my class F 25-29 (95 women total 90 finished 5 didn't). Ranked 429 out of all Females in the Sprint (516). Ranked 845 out of everyone 2,286 people for the swim (all courses). Swam 1/4 mile in 14 minuets 15 seconds. Bike took me 1 hour 22 min 33 sec. Run took me 32 min 08 sec.
I was looking at this to see where I can improve. I weigh less now by 15 pounds.. I think that will help. I definitely think the bike is going to be easier.. I am more trained in that area now and I think the course is a bit easier.. I hope...
The swim... as long as I either have a wet suit or the water is not freezing I think and hope I can do it in 12 minuets (I can do it in 10 in the pool. Have done it in 9:30). But with the swim.. it's sort of just... do or die. Literally. If you touch a life guard you are disqualified from the whole thing. And you have 100-150 women starting in your class rank with you.. plus 100-150 women who come a few minuets after you, all trying to make their way to the finish. I got dunked, splashed, trampled, and kicked in the face during my swim. I decided to go to the outside where less people where, but that made it a longer swim. My strategy was don't die .... so it worked out.

The run... well... I am not to worried about it. Would be nice if I could run a whole 5K, but this is the safest... easiest part in my opinion. I will run as much as I can, but I know I will be walking too. My friend Ilsa, who also follows my blog [:)] has done a tri at the same park, and said the description says flat run course, but it is not.. it's hills and trails. So, I will just push and FINISH. After my 3rd sprint I think I will be able to focus more on the competition.. getting a great time. And one day.. who knows.. try to win one. I plan to have the sprints down before I move on to the Olympic then the long course.. and maybe.. just maybe... one day an Iron Man. Well.. Iron WOman. [Iron Man is Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles].
I also found my photos on the website of my race day!! Boy I did not look so good.. lol. But if you are interested to see them.. you can click here and click on the little camera on the left side.


Kimberlynn said...

That sounds so exciting to be training for something this big. And you should feel really good about those measurements. It's about progress after all. I'm planning on doing my first 5K in the spring and am so excited about it!!!

Adrienne said...

Yay Kimberlynn!! Good for you! You'll love 5K's. The energy at the race is so addicting! But so much fun and family friendly too. :)

dawne said...

Amazing results in your stomach and waist, which is very visible in your photos. Your stomach went down so much in 40 pounds!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Dawne!! But really my tummy is my WORST area!! I feel like I always look pregnant.. and my lower tummy is really in need of work! LOL

totallytheturtle said...

Awesome change in the measurements! Great job training for a tri.. you are so brave!!

Adrienne said...

Thank you! :) I hope to keep doing Triathlons to keep me training and working out. I think they are a lot of fun! :)

Weightless said...

It's important to keep focused on the success that you've had whether it be weight loss, measurements, and or fitness goals. You're doing great and I'm sure you can say your fitness level has greatly improved since 6/09 :) GREAT job!

Adrienne said...

Thanks Sara! I have definitely improved on fitness!