Monday, September 6, 2010

Pretty Pink Bike, Weigh-In, Hungry, & Ohio

Well sad and glad to report today I was down... but only .6. So now.. 201.0
This stinks cause I want to be down so bad under 200!! But it's good cause I was sooo hungry this week!! It's that time again, and yep ... I was craving CHOCOLATE all week. I ate all my FLEX points on chocolate. :/ A friend of ours moved out of state, so they brought us all their food. Well this was a huge blessing! They did have a lot of healthy food, but they also had candy & hot fudge. We have had the same jar of Nutella in the cupboard for a few months.. I am never tempted to eat it, until this week I kept sneaking spoon fulls. So bad, I know!! Today I think I am taking off of tracking, and just giving in to my cravings. I am planning on riding my bike at least 10 miles today though. I can't hold back the urge any longer though for a big satisfying brownie with hot fudge.
I just can't. :)

Thursday we are off to Ohio!! Excited and nervous! I really hope they like us, and that the staff wives are nice and inviting. There is a ladies event while there, so that should be lots of fun! I have a good feeling about this church.

Davey is so sweet. He spray painted my bike for me!! Watermelon Pink. It is tooooo cute!! I love it. It just needs a few more adjustments and will be ready for the triathlon. I was looking for a new one but we really can't afford it right now. A triathlete said online, don't buy a good bike until you do 2-3 Sprints. Borrow one if you have to. And we were blessed by my in-laws to be given this bike, which was Davey's when he was a teenager!! Can you believe it?! It runs really well too. I am still praying for a wet suit and the gas money to get there. I know he will provide.

I have been praying that God would use me, and allow me to share His gospel with someone. Would you believe that this morning a lady knocked on my door, asking about our church??!! We are usually the one's knocking doors inviting people! She said some neighbors told her we are Christian and that she wanted some info on our church. I asked her if she had a couple minuets to share some verses from the bible with her, but she had to go. I gave her a gospel tract and told her the verses on there tell her how she can know for sure she is going to heaven. I am praying she will come to church and more importantly trust Christ as her Saviour.

On Saturday we decided to go to a nearby lake we have never gone too. Well... I don't regret never going there. It was so dirty!! It was 101 here and I hoped to swim (my gym pool has been closed a week). Yeah.. what does it say when you see 3 dead fish floating in the lake and there is so much foam at the shore. The water was so murcky that with my goggles on I couldn't see in front of me. So I did not swim like I hoped to. Cody is going to be my little swimmer. He goes right into the water.. which is why we have to keep a life jacket on him at all times. He's so funny, he figured out he can float, so he goes to the shore, turns around and backs in the water while on his tummy, then flips over onto his back and floats... haha! He laughs and smiles the whole time, until he got mouths full of that nasty water! Yuck! We left after we ate our picnic.

I don't know why I am writing about my days out of order.. lol. But on Friday, I got home from the gym and see a really tall man in my house. I come in and our friend Brent is there borrowing books from Davey for school. Then I see Cody running around with a pair of my UNDERWEAR around his neck!!!!! Oh my soul. Can you say mortified??!! I snatched them (thank God they were clean undies) and threw them in my room and shut the door. When he left I was looked at Davey with a unpleasant look, and said, "Davey!! Oh my goodness!! Did you notice that?" "What your underwear? yeah." as he chuckled. "Did he notice too?" " Yeah, I told him Cody was playing in the laundry." Oh my.. MEN! They can't look for books and watch boys at the same time. :/


dawne said...

Those 100's are worth waiting for. Savour the moment!!!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Dawne! And thanks for reading :)

Jocelyn said...

I laughed so hard on the part about Cody and your underwear. We have a picture of one of my nephews wearing my sister-in-law's underwear like a bathing suit. It's hilarious...although I know you were completely mortified. :) Thanks for the laugh!

Kristy said...

I totally understand what you mean about men and watching the kids. I so needed a good chuckle. Am praying for your needs. Remember God is good all the time.

Weightless said...

I was thinking about the wetsuit thing - you might not need one. I'm pretty sure the lake your Tri is in is man made and rather shallow, meaning it will probably not be cold like the last tri you did. Maybe you can research it online and find the average temperature for Sept? A wetsuit just might not be a necessary expense.

The 200's are so hard to break. I ate poorly this weekend too. I'm not expecting a loss now. :/ At least you were active though. Best wishes in Ohio, I hope you guys enjoy it there. :)

Kimberlynn said...

Hi Adrienne...good job on the .6!!! You're that much closer to onderland. It will happen. I love the pink bike. It looks as good as new. I wish there was someplace around here to bike ride, but these curvy country two lane roads aren't very safe. And thanks for the laugh about the undies. I'd be mortified too!!!

Adrienne said...

Jocelyn, glad you had a good laugh! lol it was funny.
Kristy, Thanks for the comment!! Men are all the same huh?! When Dr. Ouelette was talking about that the other night he was right on the money! LOL!
Sara, I will look that up, thank you. I actually have a friend that did a tri there last summer and she said she didn't need a wet suit, but that was in August and it has been cold up there this summer.. so we will see. :)
Kimberlynn, Thank you!! I love the bike too. He did a great job! Where we live is totally flat.. I need to find some hills.. but it's the desert.. there are none! lol but I don't like riding on windy roads either... it's too scary with the cars.
Have a great day all! xoxo

Weightless said...

It has been a milder summer but it hasn't been cold by any means. Really swimming in that lake would be the same temperature as swimming in Anderson and you did that a few weeks ago. I really think you'll be fine. :)