Monday, September 27, 2010

See Jane Run Triathlon Finisher!!

Above is after the race, below is before the race.
Just got the results!! Finished in 1:53:02 (1 hour, 53 min, 2 seconds). Yesss!! Swim: 10:34
T1: 5:26 Bike: 49:19 T2: 1:49 Run: 45:50 (If I can improve run time it will cut so much time out).

Praise God I did it and finished strong! Before I go into detail I will say I am so happy with my performance. I did much better than my first time. I rocked the bike course. The swim was good & challenging, and the run was tough. Event was EXTREMELY unorganized. Many many upset people. I was okay with it all though, I just had fun.

Me & Cody waiting for my wave. Swim caps are so ugly. I know.
Finally started! And another wave! I still have a while though.
Friday September 24-
We left at 1:00 pm, got gas and snacks and hit the road. I was trying to buy something healthy for me for a snack in the car, so I got a bag of pistachios. Note to self: next road trip bring own snacks. Gas stations have no healthy option! So I start snacking on them and about 20 pistachios later I noticed my mouth starting to itch and swell. What's going on?! I am not allergic to any nuts... at least I didn't use to be. Thank God I brought Benadryl to take to get a good nights sleep. I took 2, and it helped my mouth. Then my stomach started acting funny. We had to stop 3 times! I was in so much pain and wondered if it was the nuts or if I was getting a bug. I was getting dehydrated but felt like if I drank too much I'd throw up. I was stressing out, but felt so sick I didn't care about anything but getting to my grandparents and laying down. I took Imodium, Tums, and Gas X. I then felt like I was sick from all the medications!
We made good time and got to my grandparents by 6:30pm even with stopping 3 times. I felt a bit better by then and knew I needed to energy from the dinner my grandma made specially for us, so I at pasta, yams, carrots, and chicken and a muffin (yum) and felt much better. Now I was just worried about my tummy acting up during the race. I got all my stuff laid out, put the boys to bed, took more Benadryl and went to bed by 9:00 pm.

Race Day, Saturday September 25-
I had a good nights rest, and woke up at 4:30 am. I had an Ensure (could only get one down) ate the oatmeal and banana my grandma had made for me, she french braided my hair, and then the boys woke up. My grandma made the boys and Davey eggs and bacon while I got dressed. My tummy was a little finiky, but not too bad. I took an Imodium just in case. We left my grandma's at 6:15 am and got to the park at about 6:30 am. It was still dark, but soooo exciting seeing all the ladies getting their bikes ready and getting ready to race. My favorite things was seeing all the husbands who came and put their wife's bike together than take care of the kids while their mommy went and rocked a triathlon. It was an amazing experience. There were also a lot of ladies that did the race with friends.

The atmosphere was very laid back, not many super competitive ladies racing, it was really more for fun, for a liberating experience. It was a great triathlon for beginners. BUT I noticed, the staff was still setting up the transition area and the Bike Out path. I thought that was odd. I got my bib and timing chip and swim cap. We had some time, so I went and felt the water, not to bad. I decided to go set up my bike in transition area.. here comes more disorganization. In Avia you had a designated spot for your bike by bib number. If I would have known that people were setting up where ever, not in their own rows, I would have went right away and got a spot. Lucky for me a nice lady moved over so I could go next to her. Completely chaotic. I laid out my towel under where my bike was hanging, set another towel folded next to my shoes, socks, hat, and shirt with my bib umber pinned on. I laid out my wetsuit, body glide, and goggles down (still had about 30 minuets before race began and once you get your wetsuit on very hard to go potty). I had my fanny pack strapped to my bike with my inhaler, chap stick and gels inside it. Helmet hanging on the bike with glasses inside.

Went and found Davey and the boys, went to the bathroom, and went back to get my wetsuit on. Going back into the transition area to get ready, I couldn't find my bike!! Because.... there were no visible signs with numbers on them. Oh gosh. Took me like 5 minuets to find my bike. I should have brought a balloon to tie to my rack. Finally found my bike, got all suited up, and went to wait by the shore with Davey and the boys. 5 minuets to starting time, no signs of starting. 5 minuets late, 10, 20, 30 minuets later the first wave finally goes. I had to pee twice while waiting, and wearing my wetsuit. What an ordeal. Then, you'd think the waves would be organized by age or something. Nope. I was in the 7th wave! Very last wave. The waves were every five minuets I would guess.

When my age group, which was 19-25 by the way instead of how it said it would be online 25-29 [much better for me to race being at the youngest end of my group instead of oldest] lined up, there were only about 25 of us! Every other group had at least 100. Weird huh? Well it was good and bad, good because no one kicked me in the face or trampled me in the water, bad because less to compete with, harder to get in the higher percentage.

When the horn blew we were on our way. It was much less competitive feeling. I hit the water and ran as far as I could, which turned out to be a very good strategy I wasn't planning, but got me ahead of most. Then I dove in and started swimming. I was in the front with a couple of others for a good part of the way, but my breathing started to feel restricted and I slowed down. I did back stroke. I would alternate between free style and back stroke. One time while doing back stroke was going sideways in the wrong direction, probably cost me 45 seconds! Finally I see ground, and I swim fast as I can until it's shallow enough to run out. I run out see Davey and the boys and run to transition. Which by the way was far away, and had to run through mud, and jump over concrete block. Disorganized.
Me right before we took off. I look like the biggest in the bunch! But their were much bigger participating. One lady 300+ pounds. No joke.
I have the pink on under my suit. In the front closest to the camera. Here I am passing women with pink caps that started in the wave before me. I am the second green cap.. not the one right in front. Out of the water! On to T1
I got to my bike, tore off my wetsuit, threw on my shirt (btw I did have to wear just my sports bra under my wetsuit because I didn't have any where to put my bib, and it was so fast, no one was looking, and it was all woman..), slipped on my socks and shoes, ate a few gels, had a couple bites of protein bar, put on my hat and glasses, put on my helmet, uh-oh! strap was too tight with my hat on.. cost me at least 30 seconds, drank some water and Gatorade and jumped on my bike and was out of there.

Waved to Davey and the boys (can I just say how much I love them for cheering me on so much?!!), up a pretty steep hill out of the park, then a flat busy road. I caught my breath, had some more water, used my inhaler, got passed by a woman and once I caught my breath... I took off. I powered through the wind fighting against us. I passed the lady that passed me, and continued to pass woman right and left. I felt strong and powerful on my bike. It was a smooth course, and the road tires I got last week for my bike helped a lot, although my bike is at least 8 pounds heavier if not more than all the other ladies with 8 pound road bikes. That didn't slow me down though. My legs were pumping the whole time, I barley ever rested them, even while going down hill. There were a few hills, but I never got off my bike (Yesssss!!!!!). "On your Right!! On your left!!" I was shouting all the time as I passed woman. I kept thinking, why are they going so slow? It must be because they are pacing themselves because they know whats ahead. But a lot of them looked so worn out already.
I came up to an intersection and was stopped by CHP!! It was only for a minuet or so but later I found out a lot of woman were stopped for 5-10 minuets! Again.. disorganized. They are trying to work out all these problems that is why I don't know my exact time yet. Hopefully today I will. I passed a beautiful winery on a gradual slope, not too bad though. Then hit the U turn and went back.
Around mile 8 we hit a very steep hill, most people were walking their bikes up. A cycle man (not in the race, again, another disorganized factor) was going up too, and I passed everyone, and kept up with him side by side. Going down hill I saw my grandparents on the corner yelling and waving at me!! I was so excited to see them. At this point they think I am super last because the race started so late and I was the last wave and they saw many others ride by before me. But I passed many woman that started before me, and I could tell by the number on their calf which was their age. (BTW I got compliments on my pink bike :)
Saw Davey and the boys as I rode in, feeling great and knowing I did awesome on the bike, I was ready for the run. But once my feet hit the group my legs gave out and my knees felt like jello. I shook it off and ran to T2.

Mounted my bike, took off my helmet, had some Gatorade and powerbar, stuffed my inhaler in my bra and ran for the run out. Davey is yelling, "Run hard babe!" and I remembered I forgot to check my phone in my fanny pack to see my bike time (was about 9:05 am when I started) and I shouted to Davey "what time is it?" and a volunteer said almost 10:00 am! Whoo! I quickly realized that I had done the bike course in about 50 minuets!! Whoo hoo! I can make my goal, which is to finish the whole thing in under 2 hours! But this tri is longer than my first, and I had to run an extra mile...

I wanted to run as soon as I started, but needed to catch my breath. I realized the run course was all trail, up and down hills. Running is my weakest area, so I caught my breath and ran...slow. I ran walked the 3.1 miles. I kept thinking of making it in under 2 hours. I pushed but had such a killer side ache! I chatted with some woman, one lady said I was super strong on the bike! Most I talked to it was their first tri. I noticed ladies passing me and they were in the first waves, which meant I somehow past them on the bike. I was bummed that I was losing time because I was slow. But I kept going, running as much as possible, and when I saw the race was nearing the end, I ran hard and about that time I entered the park and heard Shane yelling, "Go Mommy! I love you so much!" and my mother in law and littlest sister in law had come and were cheering me on! I felt great and I ran all the way to the finish where Davey and Cody were waiting.

Praise God I finished!! The time when I finished was 2 hours 24 minuets, but that is based on the FIRST wave, and I was the 7th! So if I am correct, and the waves were every 5 minuets about.. let's just say I went 30 minuets after the first wave, that means I finished in 1 hour 54 minuets! I am not positive because I didn't have a watch, and the results still are not posted, but I hope that's about right!

I loved this expirience and can't wait for another tri. One good thing about not moving to Ohio is California has many many triathlons, so I'm in no rush to do another. Davey wants to do one, so when we can afford it, he will do the next one. I am going to focus on my running, and in time I am going to try and run a whole 5K. I'll need a running schedule, and some friends have told me of some that I want to try.
I just want to mention who my thoughts were on while tri-ing.. The Lord first, and praying for strength, Davey and the boys who ARE my motivation. My grandparents, Aunt Sherry, Tori, and Lucy who sponsored me and with out them I couldn't have done it. My Mom and Dad and Mother in law for telling me how proud they are of me. Sara I thought of you often, was glad you did an organized event for your first tri. :) Kimberlynn, who I thought many women there looked like you (seriously). LOL. Turtle.. kept saying to myself while running, "Slow and Steady". And my loved Strength and Beauty ladies who were praying for me while I was racing! Thank you Denise, Jocelynn, Alex, Katrina, and Melody. And so many more people who motivate me!

I am also happy to report that I am back down 2 pounds. Yay! I am tracking again starting today and hope to be past the huge milestone I've been trying to reach by next weigh in!


Weightless said...

I'm glad you finished and are happy with your time. It sucks that it wasn't better organized. All of the events I've done that were organized by Specialty stores have been excellent in terms of organization. And considering Shadow Cliffs Park is a hot spot for triathlons, and that it wasn't the first year there for See Jane, I would be dissappointed. I understand sometimes emergencies happen and most importantly atheletes need to be kept safe, so maybe the CHP was justified in stopping people. Then there are always ridders - bandits they're called - who use courses when they are not suppossed to. There really isn't much you can do about it on public roads. I'm glad you finished strong. I had no idea you got road tires for your bike. I'm sure that alone made a huge difference. Awesome!

Weightless said...

If Davey wants to do one this year both of these triathlons look like fun:

Adrienne said...

Thank you! I'll show him!
Yeah it was definitely different than the other one.. I guess they moved transition areas, so it was further away, and I'm not sure what happened why ladies got stopped. The road tires helped with smoothness and speed for sure.. but I take some of the credit :)
I guess I didn't even think about other people being on the road, but that's what happens when you don't close them..

dawne said...

You are amazing to even try this, let alone finish with a bang! I love the photo of your hubby kissing you at the finish line...priceless!

Adrienne said...

Awe thank you Dawne!! :)

Sharon said...

Wow Adrienne, I am so proud of you and totally impressed. What a grand goal to even have begun training, but then to complete.....all I can say is WOW! Thanks for taking the time to post all the pics and giving so many details - I loved reading about it.

Adrienne said...

Thank you Sharon!! And it was my pleasure.. even though it did take a long time.. lol! :)

blondevue... said...

Wow girl! So incredible! God really is good and its so neat to see how hard you pushed to get that good!! You look like a pro out there! :) Its really neat all of your family came out to be there and support you!
Love ya,

Adrienne said...

Thank you Tori!! Pro? I don't think But thanks ;) Love you too!

Jess(ica) said...

Adrienne, you are AMAZING! It is awesome to get to see you pushing yourself, it looks like all your hard work and all of our prayers have paid off... I love that we got to see all of the pictures, also. You are beautiful!

Adrienne said...

Jessica!! thank you so much!! <3 The Lord did bless and He is so good!!!! xoxo