Thursday, September 23, 2010

TRI- Checklist

I am sure this is going to be a rather boring blog to my beloved readers.. but I need to write it all down.. more than once.
Things to Do:
1. Finish laundry (does it ever end?)
2. Iron Davey's clothes for Sunday
3. Pack Davey
4. Pack boys
5. Pack me
6. Pack transition bags.
7. Return tri outfit I bought at Sports Chelet (very tri useful outfit, hard time justifying the price, especially since I charged it :/)
8. Eat and REST to get better!!
9. Pack car
10. Last but not least, PRAY!! I need HIM to help me. I can not do it on my own.
Things to Pack in gym bag:
1. Towels
2. Wetsuit
3. Fanny pack (I know, so geeky). - inside fanny pack: gels shot blocks, power bar, Immodium AD, Tums, Gas X, Ibuprofen, inhaler, chap stick, watch (if I can find it!!).
Things to pack in transition bags:
1. Shoes & Socks
2. Gatorade
3. Waters
4. Helmet
5. Sunblock
6. Hat (if I have one)
7. Sunglasses
8. Pants with bib pinned on
9. Goggles & no fog goggle spray
10. Body glide
I am sure I am forgetting something??
I am still under the weather.. this morning I felt like it was progressing into body aches, and weakness... ugh ugh and ugh again. Last night I was in tears because Davey said we can't leave at 10 am like I planned, he wants to leave at 1:30pm. That ruins everything! I was being such a brat. I really wanted to drive the bike course and feel the water.. eat at 6:30pm and get in bed by 8:30pm. Well, looks like that's not gonna happen!!!! OK enough whining. I told Davey sorry this morning, and prayed about it, and asked God to get us there around the time I was hoping for, and if not, to not have a bad attitude, and just HAVE FUN! Being sick may slow me down, but I can still have a great time. I've been getting too stressed about not training enough, not feeling well, packing, leaving on time, ect. I am going to just pray, do my best, and have a great time.
This is my kitchen, yes which has been converted into a laundry room against my will. Our dryer still doesn't work. Clothes take forever to dry! yes I have clothes lines, and my towels are on it now. This is my bathroom which is also space used to dry clothes.. =/


Weightless said...

Try not to stress. It looks like you've got everything and more than what you should need on your list. And it's more important to arrive safely than not arrive at all. So drive careful. xoxo

Adrienne said...

Thank you =) Pray for us xoxo

Jess(ica) said...

Adrienne, I am sure that everything will go well at the Tri- just breathe, relax a little bit, and just trust God! I will be praying for you, and I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Jessica!! I appreciate the prayers xoxo

blondevue... said...

I like your list, I am a girl of lists as well. Praying.
Yes, thats exactly right girl. Your going to do great as long as you pray. :)
Have a good time!
Love ya,

Adrienne said...

Thank you Tori! Love you too!