Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The way God intended it....

It's so nice to be home! Ohio was lovely. It is a very beautiful state! I would have never imagined it to be so pretty. It is mostly farm land, and country. I hear it is amazing in the fall, and roughs snowy winters, nice summers, and beautiful springs. I do love my seasons.
There is so much to write about!

We visited a church there, were Davey candidate to be an assistant pastor. He would be in charge of soul winning (out reach), discipleship, and he would teach a Sunday school class, young married couples. It's a great church, good size (500 members) and a full time position. We really enjoyed all the staff and the Pastor and his wife. They were so sweet and took great care of us!
We ate sooooo much. They food there is very heavy, like southern food. I felt sick and fat the whole trip! Ha ha.

I attended the ladies conference at the church, and Kelleigh, (her and her husband are on staff as medical missions), taught an excellent session on "Living the Sweet Life". Not just surviving, but thriving the way God intended us too. Davey and I were just talking about this before we left for Ohio. We decided we want to start buying organic fruits and veggies as often as possible. He heard on the radio that a tomato has 1/3 the nutrients it has now then it did in 1920. All the pesticides, mass production, and stripping minerals from soil all leads to less nutritious foods.
So when I heard what Kelleigh's session was on I had to go. She is a nurse practitioner and her and her husband are medical missionaries, which are people who take a group of doctors and nurses to mission fields and treat them, give them healthy food and water, vitamins, medicine, and sometimes even do surgery on them. This allows them to lead souls to Christ as well.

She talked about the importance of vitamins, omega3's, and eating foods God intended us too! She had a book with her called, "Healing secrets from the Bible". She is so sweet, she let me borrow it. What an awesome book! Do we think it is a coinsidence that people in bible time lived longer, didn't have cases of caner (that we know of) and hearts disease? The food God intended us to eat, in it's natural state, has cancer fighting components as well as provides anti-bacterial, anti-viral, weight control, energy, healing for wounds & infections, anti-aging, helps depression, headaches, constipation, reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and so much more. God is perfect and His creation of humans is perfect, and He designed food perfect for us to thrive.

I know it's hard to buy organic and whole foods because they are expensive, but if you think about it.... I really believe what we eat now will effect us down the road! So if we eat well now then maybe one day we will avoid major medical bills. God gave us a free will, it is up to us to take care of our bodies. I know He chooses some to get sick to glorify Him, but a lot of times I think we do it to ourselves. Ultimately we know God is in control, but just like Kelleigh said in the session, I am not going to allow my kids to play in the street just trusting God will keep them safe. That is foolish. God gave our children to us to watch over them and protect them, as well as our own bodies! The thing that really stuck out to me in the session was, she mentioned if I was to sit down with you and have a conversation with you, but I pulled your finger back as far as it goes you wouldn't be able to concentrate on the conversation because the pain is all that matters at the moment. If we are not well we can't focus on what God wants us to do.

I didn't work out while gone. I swam once but only leisurely. I really need to work myself this week.. countdown.. 12 days!! whoa! I still need gas money to get there.. a wet suit.. and the little misc things you need, Gatorade, snacks, ect.

I can't wait for Spin today. Really need a hard workout. Then I will either swim or run after. I'll be posting my schedule soon for the final preparations! I am bummed about a few things Ohio doesn't have.. a 24 hour Fitness, or even Gold's or Bally's. They have small gyms with no pool or classes. They do have a Y that I think I will be going to if we move there. Ohio doesn't have many triathlons. I saw they have a few indoor ones. I expected that since it's freezing in winter and snows a lot. And of course.. bummed it isn't on the coast.. you all know how much I love the beach! But they do have Lake Eerie, which seems nice. But really, it is a very beautiful area, and we always pictured a house in the country! :) I would love to have a garden and fruit trees too. Maybe some chickens! It's just exciting to think about a new chapter of our lives. So many emotions. Moving from California would be hard, but it really doesn't matter because soon this life will be passed and only what's done for Christ will last!! And our home is in heaven. :)


Anonymous said...

How refreshing Ohio sounds!! I get frustrated living in orange county on a daily basis, and often dream that our life could be simplified in some way. I'll pray that this opportunity works out for you if that is God's will for your life!

Adrienne said...

Thank you!! ;) That is an awesome way to look at it.. refreshing... thank you! ;) I know... So. Cal is so busy and trafficy and full of people! LOL I hate the traffic!

Weightless said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! It looks really peaceful there and sounds like a great opportunity. One of the pastors from our local church is relocating to Ohio. I read it in the paper Thurs. and thought of you. It seems like the conference was the one God wanted you to hear! I love when God is talking to me... maybe it's a sign. If not, at least you know that must have been something God REALLY wanted you to hear -- even all the way in Ohio. ;-)

Kimberlynn said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm glad you are all back safe and sound. And if you do end up moving their, we will definately have to get together for that run!!! Oh, and by the way, I live in the country and have chickens myself. It's a wonderful life.

Adrienne said...

Thank you Sara! I know I do think that message was just for me.. or at least to show me that people in Ohio do care about what they eat and how they live as well. California is so full of health and fitness sometimes I wondered if other states were too!
Kimberlynn! Thank you. :) How awesome that you have chickens! I would love to see Tennessee. I imagine it to look like Ohio..? We will have to put the run on our calendar if we get the job ;)

blondevue... said...

Ohio!! The church sounds great! Love the pictures. It would be change,but the change doesn't look to bad :)

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