Friday, November 5, 2010

Bike the Coast

Tomorrow is the day! 25 mile bike ride people. I am excited. I was stressing out about gas, and how far away it is, food for the trip ect., but now I am just letting the Lord have all that, and we are just going to enjoy it.

There is a 7 mile, 15 mile, 25 mile, and a 50 mile challenge. Mine starts at 7:30 am, so I want to be there by 6:50 am. That means we have to leave by 3:50 am! Going to bed E A R L Y tonight!

Davey is so sweet to always go along. He got a call for a job in the Union and they wanted him in Sacramento today at 7am. I was freaking out. Not so much about the Bike the Coast, but about the Spin Certification on Sunday. Who would watch the boys for 8 hours? I don't have any family here except my sister-in-law who is a college students, and just happened to be going home for the weekend. I was stressing! Luckily the guy told Davey to be there Monday morning. Feww. But, awe man! Boo. I don't want him to go :( After talking with his parents he decided to turn that one down because it is so far (office in Sacrament, could be working all the way in Yureka), and the Union will call him with a closer job. It was risky, but we are confident he will get a call again in a few days. His Dad just got hired with the Union so they want to work together on the same job, which is only 2 hours away. So I freaked for nothing, and he goes along to support me. I love him so much! I wouldn't want to do any event if he wasn't there, and that's the truth. He is the one I want by my side the most. But I do need to become a little less Dependant on him, and I do want him to do a triathlon for a change. There is one next month that's easy, cheap, and good for a first timer, so I hope to have the money to sign him up for it.

I studied the course map last night so I wouldn't get off track again even if there is no one directing people. I will go down the coast from Oceanside, to Carlsbad, to Encinatas and back. Should be easy route to follow, it's just down and back.

I could finish anywhere from 2 hours (pretty fast for me) to 3 hours (pretty slow). I am going to do my best and have fun and enjoy the view! It's not everyday I get to ride by the ocean. I wish it was!

Cody had a pre-op appointment yesterday. His pediatrician is a triathlete. I asked him where he rides and runs and he told me he goes up on the aqueduct. Why didn't I think of that! That would be so nice. He said he does a 13 mile run up there and a nice long bike ride. W O W. The only thing is it's a bit far from us, but worth it I'm sure.

We ran last night. Davey pushed the boys and left me behind (lol). I enjoyed the run on my own listening to peaceful music. At first I was so slow, my calves were burning. Then I got into a better grove. I did one big lap around my neighborhood, and a smaller one with in after that, totaling 2.09 miles! That's the furthest so far! Whoot! I did it in 29 minuets, which is not too bad for me. I am so excited that I can R U N! Me. The overweight asthmatic. Yes I am slow, but I can run with out walking, something I always wanted to be able to do. I am on running cloud 9.


Kimberlynn said...

I don't believe in luck, so I'll just say...God speed tomorrow. Have fun and be safe!!! I'll get with you over the weekend with that info. Hugs!!!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Kimberlynn! I appreciate it so much :)

KellyNY said...

Good luck tomorrow, Adrienne! Take lots of pictures, if you can!

Adrienne said...

I'm a photographer so I always try to take lots of pics :) I can't help it!! But I will take extra! :) Thank you Kelly! xoxo