Saturday, November 13, 2010


This is just a pre-blog about my trip home with a quick update. I have been really busy and I have photos I want to upload and lots to write about our trip, I'll so that asap. But for now here's all weight loss related updates.
Weighed today: 190 -54 pounds total.
Exercise: Spin once this week, biked 10.5 miles once with my mother-in-law, biked 10.5 miles again with her and Weightless (my husbands cousin). Was a blast! Tonight- ran 1.67 miles in 21 minuets. I was shooting for 3+ but my asthma was awful! My inhaler was not helping, I couldn't breath at all. Very frustrating. I will run +3 tomorrow! Davey ran 3.02 while pushing boys in 26 minuets! He's too fast. The End.
Food/Tracking: Forgot my WW booklets since we left very suddenly, but I had myfitnesspal on my iPhone so I kept track with that and ate under or just slightly over everyday (slightly over just once). Hopefully I can shop this week and I will plan my meals again. Tonight for dinner I made Cheeseburger pie made with ground Turkey, Scallop Potatoes w fat free milk, and a diet chocolate cake (cake mix mixed with a can of diet soda).
Training: 5k in 2 weeks from today! 10K in one month! Need to focus on running.


Weightless said...

I'm glad we got to meet up and it's kinda funny to see me referred to as Weightless. I really don't intentionally hide my identity, and I've noticed you're not the only one who does it. ;-)

Adrienne said...

LOL I know.. I didn't do it to hide you! I did it so people who read both our blogs know who I am talking about. And so they could click to see your blog too :)

blondevue... said...

Whats better than working out? Working out with your family! Thats awesome!!!