Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K

We had a great time visiting family over the holiday weekend. Wednesday night we got to Sara's, Weightless, house around 10:00 pm. We had a good time visiting then we all went to bed. We got up bright and early and Sara made us Oatmeal (yum). We got to the Turkey Trot and it was 28 degrees! So cold it hurt just thinking about running.
This was the first race Davey and I have ever done together! In fact it was his first race ever. And guess what? He did it in 22 minuets!! That's a 7:20 mile. Amazing! Faster than Marines have to run a mile (7:30). He placed 123 out of 1400 people who raced.
I on the other hand, didn't meet my goal of 38 minuets, or my goal of running the whole thing. I feel like I was not mentally prepared, I was not thinking about the race prior to it, encouraging myself in my head that I can do this. I ran the whole first mile and I ran it fast for me, 12 minuets. Then mile 2 came and my asthma got so bad. I felt like there was something in my throat not letting air in. The cold whether didn't help much either. I had an inhaler, but it wasn't my normal one, and come to find out, my Mom said she thinks it's a preventative one, so it doesn't help for emergencies. Really there are no excuses. I should have just ran slower and pushed through. I finished 1250 out of 1400. I see a pattern in my running, some are amazing, some totally bomb. I won't give up though.
On a positive note, I finished in 40:40, but since we didn't start right away I think I might have finished in less than 40 minuets, so even though I walked half of mile 2, I managed to finish with my personal record for speed. Yay!
Me and Davey before the race.Me crossing the finish line, and Shane running towards me, I carried him across the finish line after I passed him and he ran after me crying because he couldn't catch up. Davey, I, turkey man, and Sara.
On another positive note, today I got a jogger for $25! I hope it works well. I had to take Cody to his last pre-op appointment before his surgery on Friday (please be in prayer for Cody! His little body being put under and worked on scares me so much!). His appointments are in Hollywood. We left early and went to Santa Monica so I could test out the bike trailer we picked up from Sara's house. It is really easy to set up, and a G R E A T workout. Going against the wind was very tough. On our way back was easier. We did 5.5 miles. I could have done much more but was pressed for time. At Cody's appointment I went to the wrong building and ended up walking 5 blocks one way to find the right building, so 10 blocks total.
I looked on Craigslist while waiting in the dr's and found a jogger I had called on a couple weeks ago for $30. I emailed and offered her $25 and she said yes. It was on the way home in Los Angeles, so I stopped and got it. So happy! Another answer to prayer.
We had a great Thanksgiving at my Grandma's. God has been gracious to us! So many things I am thankful for. My great grandmother is one of them. She usually comments on my weight (being heavy), and this time she said, "You've lost a lot of weight!". It was encouraging because she is so honest. My grandparents are always so hospitable, and it's very nice visiting them. The next day we ate at my Aunt's and she took us shopping and bought us many things we need. Was such a blessing. Then Saturday we went to my brother in laws (who is 14) football game which they won, now going to championship. At the game I saw two of my good guy friends from high school. One I saw last thanksgiving and was much heavier. I was glad to see him again and be much smaller! Even though I am not at goal, I am glad I am not totally mortified at the thought of seeing old friends like I use too.
My great Grandma and Cody.
You know what I always say, picture is worth a thousand words. So here are some of our week.
Us in Pismo. Christmas in the park in San Jose.


Living a Changed Life said...

Congrats on the Turkey Trot!

thinspired said...

Your red that from Old Navy? I swear, I have the same one! Haha

blondevue... said...

Your 40:40 or less!! Sounds great! You did wonderful! Really neat that both you and your hubby went.
The top family picture is so good! You look awesome!!
Great new background btw! What is Cody's surgery for?! Is he ok?

Adrienne said...

Thank you all :) Red dress from Lane Bryant! Size 14 ;)

Weightless said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Turkey Trot, the holiday weekend and your new bike trailer. It was really nice to have you and the family over. What a steal you got on the jogging stroller, I hope you like it.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

You look great! I'm sorry you didn't meet your goal for the run, but as my friend Tara always says, the main thing is to START and to FINISH - everything else is gravy. Keep up the great work!

Adrienne said...

Thank you! And you are right. :)