Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Challenge Week 1

Bike- 33 of 150 miles.
Run- 15 of 75 miles.
Swim- 0 of 5 miles.
Lose 10 lbs-0 of 10 lbs gone.
Gospels-Halfway through Matthew.
Track food- Good the first couple days... than... came Cody's surgery.. needed groceries.. excuses, excuses. Right now I am baking cookies! It's Christmas. I can't let my boys miss out on all the Christmas traditions. Ok. Ok. So they are too little to know. The cookies are for me.
Plank-Can hold for 30 seconds now :)

So I am not wear I hoped I would be by now. But I also forgot about Cody's surgery. You are probably thinking, okay that's one day! Right? Wrong. 4 days spent in Hollywood in December so far due to his surgery. It's the 9th. That's 4 whole days gone.. so 5 days to accomplish what I've accomplished. Not too bad! But I can do better.
My knees are still feeling achy. I've been standing up a lot running errands and cleaning. Time to stretch them.. but HOW?
Like this.


Kimberlynn said...

You've got your plate full sweet Adrienne!!! I don't know how in the world you do it with your husband being gone. Just make sure you're not over doing it and that you're taking some time for yourself. Oh, and awesome job on the plank challenge. I'm at 25 seconds (3 sets each) but have been slacking off...oh boy!!!

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the comment Kimberlynn! I know.. it has been really crazy round here.. just take a look at my house. LOL And yay on the plank for you too! :)

blondevue... said...

ummm i cannot do planks for 10 seconds yet... not even like 1 time. Its awful! I dispise plants! my sister once did them in the back of the truck with our friend while I was driving the truck throughout town. For over 5 mins. Thats crazyness! And I cannot even do 10 seconds! -weak core-
But you're kicking some bootie!!!
This stretch looks good for the knees for sure I'm going to have to try it...
loving my pink tape from getting taped last night. WAY to GO on all of those bike and running miles for this week! so impressive!

Adrienne said...

Thanks Tori! I want to know about that tape!! And whoa to your sis!!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I love planks. And that stretch is my ABSOLUTE favorite! I never realized how much sheer PLEASURE I could get from the right stretches. Keep up the fantastic work!