Friday, January 21, 2011

Amazing Reactions.

It's good to be home. We went to Morgan Hill for a few days.

I have been receiving amazing reactions about my progress! Sunday we were at our church here in Lancaster, and people were acting like they haven't seen me in months! "Wow! Look at you! You've lost so much weight! What are you doing?" I honestly don't like a lot of attention, even though it's so nice to know you can see my progress, it felt really strange.

My favorite comment I got was, "So if I go run 10 miles like you I'll look as good as you?" Ha! It was really cute, especially since it came from a grandpa ;)

Then we surprised my in-laws Monday night because Davey was told he wouldn't have work this week. And the Lord worked it out perfect, we ended up selling our last puppy to a family in Morgan Hill so that gave us a good reason to go. [God is so good].

My husbands family kept commenting on how much weight I had lost and how skinny I looked. I was really surprised because I don't feel much thiner and I don't weigh much less than I did in November. Maybe inches? It was so cute.. both my brother in laws told me I looked skinny. When we first got there my husbands youngest brother said, "Whoa! You look so skinny. Your throat is skinny." Nice, that's exactly where I want to look really skinny. [wink]. Then my husbands other brother said, " Adrienne, your getting really skinny again." Many friends at church in Morgan Hill, my Mom and really everyone I saw noticed. It was amazing. I kept wondering... why now after a year and a half and 55 pounds do people notice? I don't know.. but I'm so glad my work is paying off.

I am not even going to talk about how bad I ate this week though. I feel yuck, and do NOT want to face the scale tomorrow. I am terrified of seeing 190's again. But I will weigh and take my consequences. I did work out twice while away. A 5 mile bike ride with my sister in law and mother in law, than a 3 mile run with the husband.

Let's talk about the interesting stuff now. I have been looking on Craigslist for a house to rent in Morgan Hill because Davey works far away during the week and I am here with no family. I have good friends, and a fantastic church family. But I would love to be close to my Mom and in-laws and really ALL of our family. But here's the thing. We have a perfect size adorable house here with a huge back yard and a garage for $950 a month. Morgan Hill: $950 is a 300 sqft studio. Really. So it's been a huge challenge to find something. I found a teeny..tiny...microscopic size house in Morgan Hill for $1,100.
When I say teeny tiny... I mean it. 800 sq ft. Two bedroom. No living room. [Seriously]. 5 cupboards in the kitchen. No dishwasher. Washer dryer hook up is outside, no garage. And I don't remember seeing a linen closet.
I would have to get rid of half of our stuff. Maybe more. We would also have to struggle to find a place to store our baby things, Christmas stuff, bikes, jogger, ect.

The good things: it's super cute, in the country (sort of), right next to a beautiful bike path, has a yard with a orange tree, surrounded by green fields, it's cozy, we can have our dogs! (this is also hard to find a place ok with), she said the landlord would probably be okay with me painting the interior, and it's the cheapest house for rent in Morgan Hill, yet it's well maintained and clean. It's so small I couldn't lose the boys in it. And less places for a bad guy to hide. [But Davey says less places for us to hide from a bad guy. Hmm.] It's on a big piece of green land with 3 other homes just like it on it (ours would be the smallest).
We applied for it. We may not even get it. We pray God will work everything out. We want HIS will.
Davey really wants me to look in Los Banos for a house. I told him I will not live in a city that's name is translated "The Bathrooms" in English. But I'll be a submissive wife and look into it. Truth is we could rent a good size home there or in Hollister for a reasonable price. We would be further away from town than I'd like... but you count your costs.

Here is the house in Morgan Hill.

I also am thinking.. can I leave my gym?? I have the BEST 24 Hour Fitness. The Y in Morgan Hill has 2 cycle classes a week.. and no, they are not hiring for more teachers. I asked. It would be a big challenge to my training. I love our home here, I love my church, and I love my gym!

What would you do?? Please tell me. Move to a tiny home close to family, or stay where you are? Or move to The Bathrooms?

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Weightless said...

You guys should consider here too. You could find something nice for that price, possibly in the country. It's a very country/western town and I really think you would love it.

I'd love to have you anywhere in Nor Cal but I think you'd feel just as lonely in Los Banos as you do Lancaster. :(

I do think you've had a huge change in the last 5 pounds with your size. And I'm glad people are noticing. It was around the 50 lbs mark that I recall getting the most attention. I'm happy for you!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Sara! :) I am looking online right now at houses in Ceres and Modesto Area. I'll check Oakdale too. :)

Weightless said...

You're welcome - Call me if your looking over here and I can keep an eye out.

Christi said...

Personally, I would stay in my current house. But then my husband wants me to move and I am not into that because there is not a good gym in the new town.

Adrienne said...

See I know! A good gym is so important.

Kendra said...

But having family close by really is priceless. Not only to help with the kids every once in a while, but my kids see their grandparents all the time. And I love that.