Tuesday, January 4, 2011


January 1st marked the one year since my first blog!! I looked back at some of my posts and felt so many things! 1. Man I sound cheesy and lame. 2. I have come so far physically! and 3. I have come so far mentally!
It's amazing to go back and read what you wrote, now knowing what would happen all through out the year. But seeing God's grace and blessing this year. W O W.
I was going to try to go to Morgan Hill today for a funeral of one of my dear friends Dad (huge trial at home church I talked about). Sadly I couldn't go do to finances. My prayers are with them today.
2011 so far:
1st: Successful at eating only fruits and veggies, wanted to eat anything and everything in site that was not a fruit or veggie [especially the left over fudge cake I made new years eve..what was I thinking?].. but I didn't. We went on a family bike ride on the aquaduct, very nice. We rode 10K. I got my new bike up to 18.6 MPH (thanks to the speedometer Davey put in my stocking I could see). That was pushing to my max. Love the speed of my new bike... But I gotta say.... I really miss the comfort of my pink bike! This bike is very rough on the lady parts and even though I wore my bike shorts, I was glad we were done after 6 miles! What am I gonna do? :(

2nd: Training schedule said to run 8 miles. Due to Church I would have had to get up and run at 5am outside in the cold dark. I was dreading this very much. Then a light bulb went off and decided to go to the gym and run on the treadmill. It was so nice to be in a warm area, where I could watch Friends clips on my iPhone. Downside- fighting boredom. There are only so many clips on You Tube of Friends. I didn't have enough nutrition the night before due to eating only fruits and veggies so I was really tired after mile 3. I fought with myself to keep going. At mile 4 I paused the treadmill to go potty. Came back and it erased my mileage. Really bummed bout that because I was going to take a photo of the treadmill reading 8 miles. Went potty again at mile 6. The last two miles I had to run slow to make it. My tummy started really hurting. 1 hour & 54 mins later I was done. I ran 8 miles people! Can't believe it.

3rd: I headed to the gym to do Yoga, and then I swam 1/2 mile.

I have been tracking and doing well and sneak peaks on the scale tell me it's working.

January 1st also marked the one year mark for going to the gym. I've always gone here and there since like 1998. (seriously, I've been a member to 24 hour fitness since I was 13.) But this year I was consistent.
My wonderful Mom gave me money for Christmas to get new running shoes. I've been wearing mine I have for a year and a half.. and not just wearing once in a while.. wearing them everyday. I need new ones. The boys and I are taking a little trip to Sports Chalet today for a new pair. Yay!
New post later tonight with my actual goals for 2011 written down, because my pastor always says, "What doesn't get planned doesn't get done." & "He who aims at nothing hits it every time."
Have a fabulous day!

The Curvy Housewife


Weightless said...

Congrats on your 2011 successes so far! I can't wait to see all your goals.

Oh and yeah, sometimes our blogs can be a little cheesey, lame or dramatic even but they help in the moment. Here we are 1 year later. I'm glad we're still blogging and succeeding.

Oh and I'm jealous of your new active toys...first a new bike, now a speedometer and shoes! ha ha Good for you Adrienne. I'm still looking for a good deal on a bike, but I know in time I will find one.

Kendra said...

I can't believe you ran 8 miles on a treadmill. I have to force myself to run one. I hate the treadmill with a passion. But good for you for getting it done!!

Adrienne said...

Sara, Thank you :) I was super jealous when you got your new bike..I'm not gonna lie. LOL The speedometer is only $20 at Target! Surprisingly cheap. And the shoes... I know. I needed them so I don't get injured. I got them on sale! Yippee. You will get a road bike! Pray. I prayed for one for months. :) xoxo
Hi Kendra! Thank you! Turns out running 8 miles on a treadmill is actually quite not good for your legs. So I am not sure I'm gonna do that again. I hate the treadmill too!

Weightless said...

I know, I will get a bike in time :) I want to do more tri's but not with my bike. Funny I'm mostly envious of the speedometer, ha ha. I know you needed shoes, I got new ones in Sept. I'd like new ones this Spring. When you workout a lot they get warn put easily.