Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out the Door.

Frosting that is. Yup. I threw a jar of frosting out my front door. Literally opened my front door and threw it outside onto my lawn.

I bought it for a cake I made New years eve, and I didn't use it. So it was in my cupboard until last night when I opened it and had two spoon fulls. Tracked it after in my WW book.

Than today after eating lunch I wanted something sweet to snack on while watching the Bachelor on Hulu during the boys nap. Yes I love the Bachelor/Bachelorette. [Something about watching 31 people fight on a show to find what I already have with my husband.. is fun. Yes they be gorgeous and fit, but they don't have a man.]

I really wanted Kettlecorn. Disappointed when I realized it was all gone. I need groceries.. badly. No, still haven't gone.

Opened the fridge, saw the frosting. Said 'NO'. Warmed up some strawberries which I intended to eat with Free Cool Whip, but then I discovered I was out of that too. So I gave in and warmed some frosting and ate it with the strawberries. Went to my WW journal and tracked it.

Mad at myself, and the frosting... I wanted it gone. But throwing it in the trash isn't I took the jar, opened my front door, and chucked it outside into my front yard where it landed on the lawn. I smiled. I felt powerful. I felt liberated. Wow.

Even though I was stuffed from lunch and the frosting and I didn't want it at that moment.. I knew soon it would tempt me again. [and I hate wasting food, so I am hoping a very hungry person walking by on a long journey will find it and eat it].

My neighbors probably think I am crazy, and my mailman just walked past it and wondered what is was doing there, and my husband may be confused when he gets home. But it doesn't matter...I choose frosting out the door instead of in my mouth. Whoot! You should try it.

The Curvy Housewife


Kelly said...

Frosting, we don't need you anymore. Peace out. :)

Strobels said...

OMG I love it. I have horrid self control when it comes to sweets. Way to go girl!

Adrienne said...

Thank you both! And yeah peace out frosting! lol ;)

Weightless said...

You did good! My aunt says she would rather food go to waste than over eat, gain and be unhealthy. It was the first time I ever thought of food that way, I've always hated wasting food. But ultimately she was right and I know the frosting would have tempted me too.

Kendra said...

Frosting is my kryptonite. Especially when connected to the baked goods that it normally belongs on. Good for you!

Adrienne said...

Thanks guys :) And yes.. I've heard, better to go to WASTE than to WAIST!! lol

Carina said...

The Bachelor is my sad addiction too, and I feel even luckier that my hubby will often sit with me and watch, even though he hates the show, but just b/c he knows I like it. Such an amusing show though!