Monday, June 27, 2011

My Gallbladder surgery while pregnant.

It's been 4 days since the surgery. I am finally today feeling a little better, more mobile, less pain. Although I still have a lot of pain. The cold we all now have sure doesn't help either.

The things I was most nervous about (getting sick before the surgery, being thirsty and anxious in the prep, waking up with the tube down my throat) seem so small now compared to the recovery. I really wasn't prepared for the pain of recovery. Everyone I spoke with about it said it was easy, not too bad, nothing compared to the pain of the attacks.

I didn't eat after midnight on Wednesday, and had barely any water, only tiny sips when my mouth was very dry or to take medication. I prayed for God's help in this area and He did help me. We got to the hospital right on time at 9:30 am. I was put in surgery triage right away. The first "nurse" that came in was an old Indian man who looked very questionable. He immediately gave me instructions to put on the purple gown, and purple socks. Very fashionable. They gave me my hair cover to wear during surgery and I began to feel anxiety. I was sick to my stomach, felt like gallbladder attacks even though I hadn't eaten anything. Maybe that and nerves mixed, but I kept having to use the bathroom.

Our pastor came and visit with us. Which semi distracted me. A nurse from prenatal came to hear the baby's heart beat. She couldn't find it. I was terrified. At 16 weeks pregnant you should not have any problems finding the heartbeat. She had to call in another nurse from prenatal to see if they could find it. Because this was how I found out we had lost our last baby, I always get anxious when we try to find the heart beat on the doppler. I had tears in my eyes already. The first nurse had looked for a good 10 minuets. Thank God, the next nurse found it almost right away. Feeewwww.

They gave me an IV which turned into a bloody mess everywhere. I've only had that happen once before, and it's not fun. It doesn't hurt, but seeing all the blood is scary! She got all that cleaned up, and we waited. Finally the surgeon came, 30 minuets late. The team all greeted me. I gave Davey a kiss goodbye and prayed. I was teary eyed. Praying and praying for the baby.

The surgery room was very scary. It's so bright and plain. Seeing everyone prepare and speak to me, giving me instructions, asking me questions, knowing in a few moments I would be asleep and my fate and the baby's fate was no longer in my control. They gave me a relaxer and right away felt drowsy. I had to make sure it wasn't the anastisia because I was still awake. They told me no, then put the mask on my face, and told me to take 5 deep breaths in. I knew this was it, I would wake up with no recollection of the last hour. I prayed those counts to for the baby, that God would keep it safe, and after 3....I was out.

I woke up an hour later. I know because I looked at the big clock when I fell asleep it was 12:13pm and 1:15pm when I came to my senses. I was being rolled out of the surgery room into a waiting area for my room. The first words I said were, "My baby!?". The nurse said someone was on the way to check the baby's heart beat. I was then hit with the very real, amount of nausia and pain. Oh the pain!! "I am going to throw hurts so bad...I'm gonna be sick." She gave my a vomit bag, and some morphine. I also complained, "It's really hard to hurts. My boys? Where is my husband?" "He can see you once you are in your room, you have to wait." She said in a rude tone, like I was bothering her. This nurse lacked some serious compassion. I lay there in agony, struggling to breath, and she calls her boyfriend. Yes. Sitting right next to me, gabbing on the phone.

I didn't throw up, in which I am so thankful. But the pain was so sevier. Finally a nurse got there, and with out much trouble found the baby's heart beat. Thank you Jesus!! I was so relieved I think I had tears. I was soon rolled to my recovery room, which was in postpartum and was very pleasant. The pain from the gas they blew up my stomach with was so so excruciating. Never had I felt anything like that. I was so uncomfortable. The morphine didn't help the gas pains. It burned all the way up into my shoulders. Once I was in my room and sat up in the bed more it was a little better. Davey rubbed my shoulders and that helped, and soon I discovered ice packs would be my life saver. I had to have ice on my shoulders at all times, still have to at home when the pain comes.

I thought I would be ready to eat as soon as we got into our room. But I was still nausous. I requested Chinese Food anyways hoping I could eat it soon. Davey had bought me chocolates while I was in surgery as well. I couldn't eat anything. Nothing but ice water could I stomach. We had several visitors and they all brought me goodies to eat. I couldn't even think about trying to eat them. Davey had a fun time with making sure they weren't in the way. Because I was in so much pain Davey decided to spend the night. Right about then we got a call that Jesse and Savannah, my brother and sister in law who our boys were with got locked out of our house. Davey had to go the 40 minuets home to let them in. While he was gone our Pastor came back this time with his wife, and the youth pastor and his wife, all friends of ours. They brought me a Starbucks Carmel Frap and I wanted to drink it so bad but I couldn't. They were making me laugh so much from giving advice on how to pass gas....and it was hurting me so bad!!! Josh the youth pastor was writing on the nurses board instructions for reliving my gas pains. Then they said, "Davey is a good husband" and I randomly said, "Yeah he is being really sweet today... this is SO out of his character." They all bust up laughing and said, "ohhhh Davey is busted!!" I was on drugs and loopy okay?!! I laughed and said, "No no!! I mean, he's not usually so caring...he's more of a 'tough it out, it's all in your head' kinda guy." They laughed. I laughed, and it hurt so bad.

I tried to walk around, because they say that helps the gas move out, but it hurt so bad. All I could do was lay in my bed with ice all over me. I didn't eat until the next late morning. I was concerned about the baby. It had been about 36-38 hours since I ate or drank anything with calories. Luckily it had the fat off my hips to feed off. The next morning I finally was able to hold down an egg and apple juice.

Once the surgeon came in and checked on me I was able to leave the hospital. But I didn't want to leave. I still felt in a lot of pain, and worried I wouldn't have the help at home. Yes even though Davey would be "home" I knew once we left the hospital he would be getting calls about the ranch guys, and sure enough he did and had to step out of the house several times. I am glad Jesse and Savannah were there to watch the boys. But still I wished I was in the hospital with a nurse and IV pain meds. Not being able to hug my boys was so hard. They didn't really understand that they couldn't hug my stomach. I have four incisions on my abdomen. One in my belly button, one at the top of my stomach and two on my right rib where my gallbladder was.

The last few days were filled with pain and uncomfort. Getting out of bed was such a daunting task. My whole abdomen hurt. My shoulders burned, and I couldn't lay down flat. I have to sleep in a semi-sitting position. I still had a hard time breathing from all the gas in my stomach. When I attempt to lay on my side my shoulders burn and it feels like my liver is detached from something and moves around. I now have a terrible pain in my neck and a non stop headache from being in bed so much. Every time I rest my head, I have immediate pain. Could be gas pressure from my shoulder into my neck as well.

I have been walking laps around my kitchen and making an effort to get up and move around. Today is the best day so far. I have been somewhat frustrated from how slow the recovery is. For some reason I thought I would be going to church yesterday. Nope, no where close to that. Davey is back at work tomorrow and I am nervous. But I feel confident Savannah and I will be able to handle the boys.

I am happy to report, since the surgery I have not had any pain like the gallbladder attacks. I have eaten tuna with mayo, peanut butter and jelly, brownies, ice cream and other dishes people have brought us. All with success. Yay!!! Can't wait to be totally healed and ready to get back my life. I honestly, never ever want surgery again!!! This was the hardest thing I have ever gone through physically. I am so proud of our baby for being so strong and thankful to God for answering our prayers. Now I pray he/she will be okay from all the pain meds, which I hope to be off very soon.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. xoxo

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Just a short note to say our baby & I are okay. Thank you Jesus. I am still in pain and typing is hard right now,so more later. xoxo

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The day before surgery at 4 months pregnant.....

185.2 today. All time low, no a total of -59 pounds. If you add in the baby, the uterus, the blood and fluid, I probably even lost more than what I think.

I have no idea why weight is just melting off these last couple weeks. I have been earnestly trying to eat a little fat and protein. Yesterday for breakfast I had an over easy egg, with a piece of toast. Lunch I took Cody to McDonalds for a happy meal, I even had two McNuggets (something I can't WAIT to eat more of btw) and 3/4 of a McDouble [but I took out one patty to save on fat], and a few french fries!! I just recently figured, you know, I get sick if all I eat is plain pasta. Might as well eat a little fat so my baby is not deprived, (although she has a lot she can have from my hips and behind). We ate dinner at church and I wasn't feeling hungry so all I had was a little corn and a tiny serving of chicken noodle soup. But I also allowed my self a little tiny bit of chocolate [okay, 2 Resses] yesterday. Yum. I still get pain, but it's the same pain if I ate only plain pasta, and fruit all day. Today I am eating really plain food so nothing is aggrivated for tomorrow.

To say I am nervous is an understatement. I registered at the hospital yesterday and went over everything..... I will have a breathing tube down my throat. Yikes. I shouldn't feel it when I wake up but I am scared I will and gag!! I am most nervous about my nerves in the couple hours preping for the surgery. I can't eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight tonight. I have to shower with this special antibacterial wash they gave me and not put ANYTHING on my skin after. My husband said, "Uh oh. That is so not like you." lol I am addicted to water, chapstick, and lotion. :/
I am praying and praying the doctors will have steady hands, and my gallbladder won't be infected so they won't have to cut me open. If I am cut open, it takes 4-6 weeks to recover. I am praying for my baby that he/she will be strong and healthy. I pray the recovery will be easy, and my boys at home will be well taken care of.
My husband and Shane are leaving in 30 minuets to head to Atlanta to pick up his littlest sister Savannah 13 and littlest brother Jesse 14 at the airport. They will be watching the boys while we are at the hospital! Hope they all do okay :) They were already coming so I scheduled the surgery while they were here so I can have help. Fun trip for them huh!
I really look forward to getting all this over with. I sometimes think, "I am gonna eat everything I haven't been able to eat!!" but then I know, my stomach has shrunk and I won't be able to eat as much as I want to. Which is a good thing!! I want to gain a healthy amount of weight. Not too much, and not lose any more.
Please keep me and my baby in your prayers, and I thank you all who have been praying. This is the scariest thing I have every gone through. If I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't worry as much. I am thankful that God is my strength and my protector! When Davey can't be with me, God is. He is in control of the doctors hands, and oh what a comfort to know that. I don't know how people go through life with out Him. He is my comforter. I am so glad I don't have to just hope the doctors will do well. But I KNOW God is the one in control.
Hear hear to next post being with out a gallbladder.

Ps 126:5

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Monday, June 20, 2011

Down another lb

186.3 This morning. That is the lowest so far on this whole weight loss journey. Now bringing me to -58 pounds since July 2009. Wow.

I am really looking forward to being able to get back to my life after the surgery. Being the wife and Mom I want to be. Taking care of my house [not that I am very good at that], cooking good food again instead of Top Romin and turkey dogs for my family, and maybe getting some exercise. I want to pursue some goals I have that usually get placed on the back burner because I am sick. I really want to do so many things but feel I can't do any of them right now. Including; cooking new fun recipes for my family and the ranch. Learning how to knit so I can knit the baby blankets. Painting some furniture I have in my house. Set up a daily learning time for my boys again. Doing crafts with my boys. Work on my photography again. Write a book. Get into a good devotional book. Read. Maintain the laundry. And so much more.

You get the picture. I thank you all who have stuck around during this down time in my life. Thank you who still read, and who pray for me. I keep telling myself, this too shall pass.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weigh in 15 weeks

187.0 This morning. The 2nd time I got on the scale it said, 185.0. yes I weigh myself more than once sometimes. My scale usually never says two different numbers, so this was odd. But I will just go with 187.0.
I have surgery scheduled for Thursday. PLEASE continue to pray for my baby to be fine during the surgery.
So what will happen after surgery?? Will I eat craving I've had for 4 months and gain a bunch of weight?? I hope not. But I am going to indulge a little bit. For instances, I am taking my husband out to dinner for his birthday at the end of the month, and I am going to get what I want. Yes. It will be glorious to eat something that tastes good. And when we go to Disneyworld in 3 weeks, I won't have to be paranoid the whole time that something I ordered really was cooked in oil when they said it wasn't.
I just had another horrible attack of pain. Pain so bad I thought it was causing labor. The pain comes and goes when I am sick, and right now I feel okay just weak. My neighbor took my boys for me so I can rest. Thankful for friends willing to help.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I saw my OB today and the Surgeon. My OB really thinks I should have the surgery, and asap. He said 5 months is a long time to remain so sick. He also assured me the baby would be fine, and he has at least 1 patient a month have surgery and both mom and baby are fine. The longer I wait the more complicated the surgery becomes. Right now my uterus is still low enough it's not in the way at all. But in a couple months they would have to move it over during surgery. But say I had the surgery at 30 weeks, and it caused labor (which is the risk), the baby has a better chance to survive, where as if I went into labor at 16 weeks, well, the only hope would be for the drugs they could give me to try to stop the labor. BUT both said that is SO rare to happen, and the surgeon in 20 years has never had a pregnant women miscarry from the surgery. I am past the vital stage in the first trimester, and am at a good time to do it if I do.

I could tell the surgeon was for it, but he wanted to say something but didn't. So I asked him, "What do YOU think I should do?" He said, "Well, if you can gain weight [which I haven't I am down still] and the baby is growing, and you can tolerate the pain, I would wait. Although, on the other hand, it's a risk not to get it out. I can't tell the future, so I can't really say what to do. Dr. Chambers thinks you should and I trust him, and you and the baby will be fine." Hmm not really a clear answer, but all I got was.."if you can wait...."
So I think...."Can I wait? Should I wait? This week has been better, not perfect but better than last week. But then again, I never know when an attack is coming, and the pain is so bad. Lord, what do you want me to do??" About that moment ( I was in the store) I started to get the pain. I had to leave my cart (again) and run to find the bathroom because I felt I was going to be sick. Then I thought, "Okay Lord, don't remind me again please...Thank you!"
On one hand it seems risky to do the surgery because there is a slight small, tiny chance it could put me into labor. Which has never happened to the surgeon who will be doing it (although it could). And I think... I should NOT risk my baby's life at all!! How could I even think it?
But on the other hand, if I leave it, there is the same slight small chance something like, a stone could move into the duct causing an infection, and pancreatitus which would be very bad for me and baby.
So, really what is likely to happen is, I leave it in, and I am super sick for 5 more months, along with baby struggling to get all the nutrients it needs. I know there is a chance I could feel better soon, but the doctor said when the baby gets bigger it's kicking around, aggravates the gallbladder, I am very uncomfortable, more pain,...ect.
Or, I get it out, baby is fine, mom has some pain for a few days after, but then, all is well with the pregnancy and mom can eat more than just plain pasta and fruit and baby can grow and we are both happy. I have the baby, and don't have to worry about having surgery while taking care of a newborn.
But there is the what if???? factor. I am praying for wisdom and peace. What do you think???

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Bump

It's been a while since I uploaded a pic. This was today :)
Sorry so blurry and small :/
I would also please like suggestions for baby names for boys and girls :)
Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I apologize in advance for this post being a whine fest.
Ultrasound showed LOTS of BIG gallstones. He said, pain will continue as long as I have my gallbladder, stones are too big to dissolve, and when my gallbladder contracts [which is every time I eat] the stones make it impossible for it to work. AKA- pain.
I did some research online and I read a lot of women have them, and are going through the same thing as me. They are all just hoping to get to 32 weeks so they know their baby will be okay. Because if we decide to do surgery while pregnant, it has to be during the 2nd trimester. But if we try to wait until after pregnancy and something happens in the 3rd trimester and they have to do surgery, it could cause pre-term labor and a baby only has %90 chance to live at birth of 32 weeks, so any less than that is dangerous.
I really need to just rely on God. He can heal me, and keep my baby safe. I see OBGYN Wednesday, and the surgeon that day, so hopefully we will have a plan after that. I would lie if I said I wasn't scared. I am not feeling well even now, and I still have 5 more months to go.
PS Web said gallstones get worse in 3rd trimester.
Would really appreciate prayer for me and baby.
PSS I was able to see my little blessing on the ultrasound, doing well growing and strong. Me? Not so much. As long as the baby is healthy.
Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weighing In

188 the last two days in a row. You have to understand, that at 14 weeks pregnant, it is so out of the norm for me to be losing weight. Usually by now I would for sure be up at least 7-10 pounds. My pregnancy book says you should gain a pound a week by now and for the rest of your pregnancy. I am not complaining, but, I rather control my weight with will power than with health issues.
I saw a surgeon today about my gallbladder. He told me to eat very plain, bland foods, and hang in there. Thanks buddy, that's a big help. He said they can and will do surgery on me if the pain keeps happening. Surgery has to be done in the 2nd trimester (which I am as of today! yay!). I really don't want it. The Priolsac seems to be helping a little (sometimes). So if I can I will tough it out for my sweet baby. I have an ultra sound on my gallbladder tomorrow to make it an official diagnoses, even though the ER did an ultrasound and found stones. But he said there is a chance it could look really good and maybe the pain is unrelated to the gallstones. My favorite thing he said, "You know....pregnant women get all kinds of belly aches." OH?? Like morning sickness? yeah I had that, it's not that. Like heart burn? Nope not that...constipation? NOT....and does a normal "Belly ache" make you almost pass out from the pain?? I don't think so mister. So since you have never been pregnant, let's not suggest you know the pain I feel. Um kay?? Thanks.
I'll update tomorrow after the appointment. Love you all for praying and thinking of me!!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another trip to the ER

Yup. Saturday was fun. Super sick every day this week with what I think is the gallstones. For your information: the ER is pretty useless. I lay in the room for 4 hours with out any answers then they say, "Yeah we are gonna give you meds for an ulcer." UM excuse me what about my gallstones? Then the doctor says, "Well we don't want to do surgery until it's an emergency situation, like when the pain is so bad you can't take it." Okay sir....I am in the
E M E R G E N C Y room for a reason. My husband says, "How much MORE pain do you want her to be in??!!!!! she has attacks DAILY!!!" He was mad.
Bottom line.....They can't/don't want to do anything about it until the baby is born. They could take it out and not risk the baby, but they rather not. I am seeing my OBGYN next week who will have me see a surgeon who will hopefully have some answers about how bad my gallbladder is. BUT in the mean time, I am trying these meds and HOPE they help prevent the pain. They didn't this morning, but I will keep trying.
They think I could have an ulcer/acid reflux as well because I get sick even though I eat no fat. I am no doctor, but perhaps could it be that the pregnancy is making the stones worse?? Especially since gallstones are very common in pregnant women?? By the way, gallstones are from the devil. They are the worst pain I have ever had. I have had two babies, and two miscarriages. Yes, worse than all that. And to not be able to eat the food I want/need to eat... is awful. AWFUL!! I crave Monterey Jack cheese with salt (I could eat the whole block). Just a little chocolate? A small cookie? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich... please? okay, A tuna sandwich. Nope, NO, and no way. It's so sad.
A lady in our church watched our boys this time at our house and she told me she told her husband, "Honey..I looked in her cabinets and in her fridge....she doesn't have ANY bad food!! I mean none!!" haha. I know, that as soon as anyone hears gallbladder, they must assume it's because of my diet. It's not. I am watching my fat like a bear watches a fish.
All I can say is, this baby must be a girl, and she is gonna be trouble. This is the hardest pregnancy I have had. Not only the morning sickness, super fatigue, constipation, gallstones, acid reflux(?), but my legs are ACHY , restless, and just plain hurt. A plus though? I must be losing fat because Davey commented on how I look thin in my shoulders and back. I better be. Can't have any chocolate. Pshhhh.

This baby better be an angle when it's born.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Friday, June 3, 2011

Moving, excuses & schedule

This morning I had another horrible gallbladder attack. It was one of the worst, because it persisted. My neighbor had to come over and watch my boys for about an hour. Sheesh. I called my doc and he wants me to make an appointment with a surgeon. He said the attacks can be more harmful to the baby than the surgery would be. Yikes.
I do watch what I eat, really really I do. Last night we went out, and I got a salad, with "fat free" ranch (but do you ever really know eating out?) two small pieces of pizza, which I took off all toppings, even the cheese, and plain pasta. Oh and a bite of the boys desert. :/ It must have been all that made me so sick this morning. Even that you wouldn't think would have a lot of fat? I hate that I can't go out with out getting sick. Anyways....

After several hours today of just resting, I was so sick of feeling sick, and tired, and no energy at all, that I decided to do a short work out video. Denise Austin's Fit & Firm pregnancy video. It was a little easy so I added some squats and arm rolls. I MOVED for a total of 20 minuets. I am an "all or nothing" gal. I make excuses to why I don't work out these days. And some are legit, but here are most of them:

It's too hot.
The Greenway (walking path) is too far.
I have no energy.
There are snakes outside.
There are ticks outside.
I don't have a gym pass, and even if I did it's too far.
I feel like I am going to throw up.
I am too busy.

ect ect ect.

Getting down to it though.... if I can't have an amazing work out and run 3+ miles, bike 10+ or swim, I don't think it's worth it. I am realizing... that's not true!! I can do 20 mins at home, or walk 1 mile. There is nothing wrong with that. It would probably help me feel better too.
I am looking into getting a gym membership. It would really help me a lot to have a schedule and a routine again. I am a broken record these days, up's and down's. Sorry!! OOp I actually just called this gym I've had my eyes on, free childcare, lots of classes, and prices starting at $ you know it could go up but, that's not too bad. Only thing...No pool :( I'll have to drive to Chattanooga branch if I want to swim. Something I am excited about that they have is...rock climbing!! Sounds fun!!

Here is a sample schedule I hope to be able to follow. I know you are so interested.

Days when we have the ranch boys 3 days a week (not Sundays)-
Wake up at 7:00 am, read bible, eat breakfast, get boys ready.
8:30 am leave for gym.
9:00-10:15 am work out
9:30 am Head home
10:00 am shower get dressed, snack
11:00 am make ranch lunch
1:00 pm office work
3:00 pm home

1-2 Days off work-
Wake up at 8:30 am Bible, boys, breakfast
10:00 am leave for gym
10:30-12:00 pm work out
12:15 pm Any running around, have snacks with us
1:00 pm Home, lunch, boys nap

Other days..REST.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weighing In

191 this morning. I don't know exactly what I weighed when I found out I was pregnant. I think it was around 190....?? So, I am doing really well. 13 weeks today. Yesterday(12 weeks 6 days), in my last pregnancy, is when I mis-carried. I was happy to wake up this morning and remember I have a healthy baby growing inside me.
I got very sick this morning though. I think it was my gallstones again. I have been watching my fat, but last night I had a little Tortellini and garlic bread that I made for the ranch. I'm not sure if it was that?? Or if it was the coffee I had?? But all the sudden I was in so much pain. Then I started to get hot and sweaty, and knew I was going to pass out at any moment if I didn't lay down. I called Davey, could barley talk...said..."Something is wrong, so much pain, gonna pass out...come home please." I heard him say, "I'm coming." then I hung up and fell to my bed. I took some medicine, and laid there. Davey was home with in 2 minuets, (Thank God he works on the property). Poor guy, whenever I say I don't feel good he thinks it's something bad to do with the baby. He took care of me for a bit, then got the boys dressed and brought them to the assistant director's wife who is also my neighbor, she offered to watch them.
My husband has been such a trooper through these 3 months. I have been a crazy hormonal wreck, so sick a lot of the time, house is always a mess and behind on laundry. Yet he loves me.

Now I am resting, but I have to get up and get ready. I have a WIC appointment and really need to go.
I hope my comments is working?? I heard it wasn't the other day..
Love, The Curvy Housewife