Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I saw my OB today and the Surgeon. My OB really thinks I should have the surgery, and asap. He said 5 months is a long time to remain so sick. He also assured me the baby would be fine, and he has at least 1 patient a month have surgery and both mom and baby are fine. The longer I wait the more complicated the surgery becomes. Right now my uterus is still low enough it's not in the way at all. But in a couple months they would have to move it over during surgery. But say I had the surgery at 30 weeks, and it caused labor (which is the risk), the baby has a better chance to survive, where as if I went into labor at 16 weeks, well, the only hope would be for the drugs they could give me to try to stop the labor. BUT both said that is SO rare to happen, and the surgeon in 20 years has never had a pregnant women miscarry from the surgery. I am past the vital stage in the first trimester, and am at a good time to do it if I do.

I could tell the surgeon was for it, but he wanted to say something but didn't. So I asked him, "What do YOU think I should do?" He said, "Well, if you can gain weight [which I haven't I am down still] and the baby is growing, and you can tolerate the pain, I would wait. Although, on the other hand, it's a risk not to get it out. I can't tell the future, so I can't really say what to do. Dr. Chambers thinks you should and I trust him, and you and the baby will be fine." Hmm not really a clear answer, but all I got was.."if you can wait...."
So I think...."Can I wait? Should I wait? This week has been better, not perfect but better than last week. But then again, I never know when an attack is coming, and the pain is so bad. Lord, what do you want me to do??" About that moment ( I was in the store) I started to get the pain. I had to leave my cart (again) and run to find the bathroom because I felt I was going to be sick. Then I thought, "Okay Lord, don't remind me again please...Thank you!"
On one hand it seems risky to do the surgery because there is a slight small, tiny chance it could put me into labor. Which has never happened to the surgeon who will be doing it (although it could). And I think... I should NOT risk my baby's life at all!! How could I even think it?
But on the other hand, if I leave it, there is the same slight small chance something like, a stone could move into the duct causing an infection, and pancreatitus which would be very bad for me and baby.
So, really what is likely to happen is, I leave it in, and I am super sick for 5 more months, along with baby struggling to get all the nutrients it needs. I know there is a chance I could feel better soon, but the doctor said when the baby gets bigger it's kicking around, aggravates the gallbladder, I am very uncomfortable, more pain,...ect.
Or, I get it out, baby is fine, mom has some pain for a few days after, but then, all is well with the pregnancy and mom can eat more than just plain pasta and fruit and baby can grow and we are both happy. I have the baby, and don't have to worry about having surgery while taking care of a newborn.
But there is the what if???? factor. I am praying for wisdom and peace. What do you think???

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Lisa said...

Just keep praying & you'll get the answer you need. There's always that slight chance that something will happen, even without pregnancy to complicate matters. Your OB is confident, which is good. And if you're both healthy, it sounds (my opinion) like you should have it done. The risk seems small and it will be worth it in the long run not to have this horrible bouts of agony. I'll be praying for you both, too!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Lisa!! Really appreciate it!!

J said...

I say have the surgery. I don't think you would be doing yourself or your baby any favors by suffering.


PS--I love the baby girl names Anna Claire and Caroline.


SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Praying for sure. But my OPINION is that you should get the surgery. 5 months of extreme pain like you've described is going to be miserable. Plus your inability to eat (and therefore gain weight) puts your baby at risk. Just my $.02!

Adrienne said...

Thanks Ladies!! I do agree and think I am going to have the surgery.