Monday, August 15, 2011

Marine Mud Run

Guess who is going to be participating in this in a few weeks??>>>>>>>>>>
Not me!!! I wish. :) I am signing up my husband and 4 of our ranch boys! So excited. 6 out of 12 of them want to do it. But we are going to "train" them and see who can hang and choose 4. I'm so excited that they are excited to do it. It'll be so good for them.

As for me: We joined the Y today!! Whoo hoo! And I have been doing my Walk away the Pounds DVD, which I really like. Today I rode 5.14 miles on the spin bike, did some quads, then took my boys swimming.
I managed to get up at 6:45am, have my devotions, and coffee. Then snuggle the boys when they got up, we all ate GrapeNuts for breakfast, and got dressed. We went down to make lunch for the ranch early. I boiled some chicken, made rice, then put them both in a crock pot with cream of chicken soup, corn, and peas. I made fruit salad for the side. It was yum.
Davey is off tomorrow and I look forward to going to work out with him, then all of us going swimming as a family.

Monday: 30 min Yoga.
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 500 yard Swim
Thursday: 2.16 mile Walk
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2 mile Walk away the pounds
Sunday: 1 mile Walk away the pounds

Do you have kids & find time to work out? How and when?

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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