Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday's Weekly Review

Monday 8/15/11- 5.14 mile bike ride at YMCA
Tuesday 8/16- 500 yard swim YMCA
Wednesday 8/17- 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds DVD at home
Thursday 8/18- 2 mile run/walk treadmill, 2.16 mi bike ride YMCA
Friday 8/19- REST
Saturday 8/20- 800 yard swim =.5 mile (counts towards my challenge)
Sunday 8/21- REST & trip to labor & delivery for strong contractions that lasted for 4 hours. Fun stuff. All is okay! Baby looks great and ahead of schedule! yay. (Because of this, I will be *walking, the run portions of my 26th birthday challenge & taking it easy, not pushing hard).

Note* My boys and I are driving to my sisters 4 hours away tomorrow to see her new baby and my Mom for a quick over night trip. Be Back Wednesday!

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Melissa C said...

I am glad I misread your challenge. I thought you were going to do an Oly tri in 8 days and I was afraid for you! I am glad you are using the 8 days to accomplish it. Good luck and keep that little bun safe!

Adrienne said...

LOL oh no!! I would die right now. haha I am taking it easy, walking & riding bike on low resistance. :) Thank you!!!!