Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday's Weekly Review & Tuesday's Two

Monday's Review

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Strength exercises on my hips (side & back leg lifts)/ Plank (read in Fit Pregnancy Planks are ok to do while pregnant!) can only hold for 20 seconds now..
Wednesday: Ran 1.12 mi (run/walk) 22 minuets at YMCA
Thursday: 2 mile walk with my family on the Green Way
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Walked two miles "Accidental miles". Boys had the Marine Mud Run in Knoxville. It was a half mile walk to the start from our car, then me carrying around Cody up and down hill trying to get pics of the boys during the run...whew I got a work out. Than we went to a market and walked around for an hour.
Sunday: Rest

Tuesday's Two:

1. Marine Mud Run
The boys had an awesome time!! The little one on the end to the right finished in 28 minuets! A big buff guy came up to him after and said, "Hey man, GOOD JOB!". He was so excited. We hoped he would place in his age group, but he got 14th out of 59 in his group. He finished 7th out of 20something in his wave.
The rest of the boys finished together in 43 minuets. Two of them lost their shoes. =D I am so proud of them all. Them and more of our boys want to do another one and keep asking me when the next race is. So cute.

2. Funny, true things that happen to me.
Remember when Cody fell out of the jogger and I ran over him? Things like that happen all the time around here. I don't make this stuff up. I will share our most recent running adventure.
On our 2 mile family walk at the Greenway last week, Shane was running and doing somersaults on the grass next to the path. About ten somersaults into it, he rolled right into dog poop. Yes. Hot, fresh, dog poop. I laughed so hard I almost peed. Shane is standing there saying, "Mom Help!! Caca on me!! Ewww! MOM!!!! help!!!" I couldn't move to help him or I would have peed I was laughing so hard, {plus walking briskly at 27 weeks pregnant}. Oh man. Good times. Davey had to clean him up with Shane's shirt and he was shirtless for the rest of the walk. Why do I think that with 3 boys, I will have many many more stories like this?

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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Jennifer said...

that story about your son on your walk.. wow! boys are the best! I hope (if/when we have kids) we have at least one boy! :)

Major kudos to you on the planks! Wow!