Saturday, May 7, 2011

Running Pregnant

Today, I ran a 5K.

That was a biggie for me. I've been worried/overly paranoid to a annoying point, about this pregnancy. I know all the books and doctors say, if you have been running, it should be okay to continue. But life was so busy with moving and all that I haven't ran at all in 6 weeks. We walked two miles last week, but that was mainly walking. Today, I ran a lot of the 3.1. I can't tell you exactly how much I ran. I ran unless the boys needed something, or unless I felt like I needed a break. I know I could have ran the whole thing.... but again, worried/overly paranoid, so I took it easy.
Okay this was so hilarious and totally out of character for me as a mom, but this really happened today....I normally always lock the boys up, buckle them up, make them ride in car seats (of course!!) and even in the stroller have their belts on. Well the jogger had been in the garage for a month getting spider webs all over it, so in my new country brave woman self, I faced those webs because, dang it, I was going to run. I got all the webs off and washed the stroller with water. So, it was wet on the boys seats. I brought towels. Obviously a little hard to get their seat belts on with the towels, so I let it go. I was running along at a good pace when all the sudden Cody just fell out of the stroller and I literally ran him over with the stroller. Yes. The wheels ran him over. Oh man. Of course there were people standing right there speculating this whole catastrophic event. Cody is so tough. He doesn't really cry unless he is really hurt, and thank God he didn't cry. This is what he did when I quickly picked him up off the concrete, "Ouch Mommy. Owie." In a clam voice. I can't stop laughing about it. Luckily his head didn't hit the ground, it stayed off to the side. He had a scrapped knee. Poor baby. What kind of mother am I?? I did buckle him in after that. Geeze.


I am E X C I T E D. Because I know I haven't lost it. I felt good while running. And I know that I can continue to run while pregnant. I will listen to my body though. I think, 3-4 miles will be my max pregnant mileage at a time, unless I walk the whole thing, maybe 5.
2 miles may be what I do on most days, and I might walk one of them. Doesn't matter, no shame in walking. What does matter is that I keep it up, so when I deliver, I will be in shape physically, and when I am healed postpartum, I can begin training. Training for what you might say?? Oh I have a few is a couple of them.
April, 28, 2012- 1/2 marathon. It's a huge one. People come from all over for this!! Excited!
Then, if it's in 2012& it's in July when we have our summer break, I will register for this one!! And it will be my first Full marathon!! We only have 10 days off so it would have to be during those 10 days, otherwise I'll have to find another one.
And there will hopefully be a few triathlons and road races.

Today was a better day. Happy mothers day to you all!! And a special mothers day to my Mom, Laurel, my Grandma Linda, Aunt Linda, and Mom in law, Vickie! Love you all.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Hurray that you ran while pregnant and the world didn't end! It's funny, isn't it, how paranoid we are about OUR pregnancies no matter how much we hear from the experts on an issue? I'm glad you got back out there and enjoyed it, and I'm glad Cody survived the tumble! :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you Valorie! Good to hear from you:)

Weightless said...

Glad you got a run in and that you're making goals. And you know, I've heard that it really doesn't matter if you run or walk that it's the distance that matters most. Being active is the most important thing. So happy for you.