Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Any Day Now

Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks! I have mixed emotions. I am super excited to have him, to see him, to hold and kiss him and to not be pregnant anymore. On the other hand I am worried about who will watch our boys if I have him before my Mom gets here in 6 days, if he will be late, and if the labor will go as I hope it will.
I feel like I have been waiting for this day F O R E V E R. Honestly, this pregnancy has been like 2 years has it not?!
I keep praying that he won't come late, but that he will come when he is ready and that God will have all the details worked out.
I do have 3 people who can watch our boys if he comes with in the next 6 days. Repeat: everything will be ok. Everything will be ok. (Talking to myself!)

I am S U P E R excited about my day today! I am getting a prenatal massage thanks to my sweet friend who bought me one! Then going Christmas shopping, then my Midwife appointment where hopefully she will say I've made some progress. I did have good strong contractions all day on Sunday. Then grocery shopping, which, yes is fun if I don't have toddlers with me.

I'm hoping with the massage, my midwife maybe encouraging things along, and walking while shopping that tonight will be the night!!! This whole pregnancy I've wanted him born on Dec 1. I just really like that makes me think of snowflakes. I don't know why. ;)

So the unexpected thing I can't talk about, well it's been a bit postponed so I can't talk about for a few more weeks. But God is working things out and He is leading and He is good!

Thank you all for your encouragement and comments. They mean so much!! Hopefully a post follows this with a baby picture! :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Lisa said...

Wooo, I know you're excited! Enjoy your massage.

You still have the cutest belly!

Jennifer said...

You're so cute! :)

Dec 1 is a good date, I think. So good choice.

Praying for you and your situation! I seem to be in one of my own right now. We'll have to share stories later.