Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby Shower & 37 Weeks

This is me on Sunday in front of our barn :) Almost there!
My friend Ginger and I. Church through us a combined shower, both having boys, she is due the day after me!

Today I am 37 weeks. Full Term baby! Whoot! My prenatal appointment went good yesterday. Ultra sound looked great, amniotic fluid was up 3 points to a very healthy level. Praise the Lord. My blood pressure was higher (it was low last time). And baby's estimate weight is 6lbs 5 oz! Perfect size for 3 weeks to go. U/S tech said he'll probably be 8 pounds at the most. Of course the U/S can be off a pound either way.
Midwife checked me, I was dilated barely a dimple. Meaning not even 1cm yet. She said it wants to open, but it's not yet, and I am not effaced at all. Boo on that. I asked her when she can sweep my membranes and she said not until 39 weeks. Still praying this guy will be on time or a little early!

I no longer want to do Wednesday's weigh in. I am up 31 pounds total now. 3 weeks to go. The scale is not my friend. I am swelling, so I'll make myself feel better and say some of the weight is water. ;)

The baby shower went great! I am so humbled that all these ladies came for me and my friend Ginger to enjoy this special time with us. A lot of them made us both home made toys, blankets and clothes. So sweet. I did get some stuff off my registry too! Very exciting. I've had fun putting it all away and REALLY being just about done preparing for the baby.

I've got the baby's hospital bag all packed. His car seat is all set up in the car now...can't believe there are 3 car seats in the car!! My bag is partically packed, everything is set up and clean. We are ready to go people! Did you hear that Baby O? Anytime now is ok with Mommy!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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